Obiwan´s Lightsaber in modo


Hello folks!
I started to learning Modo some days ago. After some hours of video trainings and a lots of stuff in my head, I decide to try it out. I´m trying to find a better G.I only render without textures and so on. But I just can´t adjust it right.
So, I would like to hear your comments, please.

please, comments… :slight_smile:


70 views and no comments…


hey i’m not a modo user, but the saber looks nice. hope you get more crits. Perhaps you can make obi-wan holding his saber cause i wanna see the blade.


You know what this needs?? An enviroment to reflect. Put it in a HDRI sphere and see how that looks. Also, scuff it up a bit nothing ever looks as clean and reflective as what youve got there. Good model though, keep it up.


I agree with scuffing/dirtying it up. Right now it looks kind of boring (no offense intended).

Even just modeling a hand instead of a whole Obi-wan and having him hold it or something would help too.



thanks a lot for the comments. I´ll try to do the tips of you guys!


Waiting to see the new version with some scuffs. The model looks pretty good though. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


hey! I´m back!

with some new HDR renders…
let me know what do you guys think about it!



Much. The HDR makes them look a lot more realistic.


But Hdr makes everything look good. I still like the idea about scuffing it up.


Ohh I’m not saying to not add scratches. Definitely add scratches. Ohh and dirt, add dirt too.


ok :slight_smile:
thanks for keeping on this thread…

how could be the better way to add some dirty? textures? if so, where I can find some good free textures?


oh and I´m think to turn the blade on, but I got difficult to make a glowing material on modo… if someone could help … please…


your work is now shaping up nicely. However you might want to change the studio environment to a more futuristic looking one. Turn on the light saber also :slight_smile: Just to let you know modo support light glow elements :wink: Search in luxology modo forums.

Well here are two websites you might find useful, quite a nice collection of free textures.

Take care and good luck.


Hey folks! It´s me again!

I think I did it! Light-saber ON
Still trying to mess with the textures…


another update:


How are you making the blade? the handle should also reflect the blade if its that shiny, and the blade itself could use some work; its not supposed to be defined, rather its a bright core of energy, surrounded by a slightly hazy “surface”, surrounded by a colored glow.
there is a great technique for rotoscoping the blade in photoshop, with great results! Nice saber so far tho!!


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