Oban 1.0


[i]The time has come, today is 22.2., it’s 22:22 in Vienna, GMT + 1hour –

   OBAN 1.0 is released![/i]

   It is about an Open-Source-Expression for Cinema which was coded by me, a plugin which allows to align objects on a surface and to manipulate this alignment afterwards. I have already had released some preliminary versions of OBAN, by release 1.0, many new features were added to the old ones. 

These potentials are given by using OBAN:

   • controlling all functions by user data attributes

   • aligning up to four object types *
  • on any polygonal object *
  • arbitrary particle count *
  • synchronous size change of all particles *

   • adjustable lifetime *
  • randomly controlled size variation – for every object type *
  • alignment on object points, polygons or edges *

   • orientation along polygon normals, an object or without orientation *
  • transition laziness of particle orientation *
  • simultaneous rotation of all particles *
  • rotation variation *
  • polygon selection based alignment *
  • position change per an object and following it 
  • adjustable follow speed *
  • arbitrary multiplier for weighting the follow object *
  • explosion-like repulsion of the surface *

   • eligible type of repulsion: replace, multiply or added *
  • arbitrary repulsion speed *
  • repulsion angle variation *

   • variation of repulsion strength *

  * [i]this function is animateable [/i]

  OBAN 1.0 is an expression for Cinema 4D, is easy to learn and use. 

To use the plugin, you need Thinking Particles and XPresso. OBAN is Open-Source and therewith, it’s free of charge – you are allowed to use it for private and for commercial purposes, the resell of OBAN is forbidden.

  To feature OBAN’s long-range purposes, among others in the animation sector, I’ve created a promotion video. Cutting and post effects were done by Philipp Dollinger. The vid is compressed in the MOV-format and has a size of 34 (small vers.) or 61 (big vers.) MB.

   Choose one of the following mirrors to watch it:


Big version: Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3 Mirror 4 Mirror 5

Small version: Mirror1

   Perhaps OBAN got a bit more concrete to you by the video, whereas I haven’t exhausted all possibilities – many functions came not until after the video production. 

   In the video, you could see a tree, it’s completely made with OBAN. Some people asked me to write a tutorial about it – so I did. In the tutorial, the exact way of modeling a tree with OBAN is described and illustrated. It’s in the PDF format and has a file size of 680KB.

To download the OBAN tree tutorial, choose on of these mirrors:


Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3 Mirror4 Mirror5 Mirror6


   The Installation of OBAN is easy; download the ZIP-file and extract the C4D-file, named „Oban.c4d“ into the Cinema 4D-folder -> library -> objects. So you can access OBAN fastly in the object section in Cinema 4D. [i]All further things you can gather from the attached PDF-manual which is in the ZIP-File too.[/i]

To download OBAN 1.0, select on of the following mirrors, the ZIP-file has a size of 110 KB:


Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3 Mirror4 Mirror5 Mirror6


   Some additional application examples of OBAN can be seen here:

   For further informations and OBAN-pictures of other artists, you may visit my homepage (it’s German, hope you can find the way

): http://www.gentle.tk (The OBAN-section is located in the right upper corner)

   Hope you have much pleasure with OBAN 1.0!

   Best regards from Vienna,

   Tobias Deml




yeah tobi! really nice work…

it was funny to work with you :wink:

:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:OBAN roXx :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:


ps: my work is not the best but its okay. i hadn’t had so much time :blush:


Tobias, you are the man, the man, the man, the man!!! :buttrock:

Vielen Dank! :slight_smile:

Please, all get up and get ready for some big applause! :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:

And a happy, happy birthday!


Ah, this is awesome, its finally here. I can’t wait to play with it.

… and the best part… OPEN SOURCE:buttrock::deal::love:

You da man Tobias. Thank you ever so much!




Errr… Might be a slight problem Tobias. Most of the links appear to be down or lead to some strange locations. The example snapshots don’t go anywhere either, like your site is down or something. Most of the links lead to this page http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1738.txtStrange

I was finally able to get the download, but only after copying and pasting the URL into my browser.



Oh yeah… I saw it. That’s according to CGTalk’s positing system with the links, I wrote a text for all English forums… so I didn’t mind.

Now all links should work :slight_smile:


thanks gentle!

and happy birthday!



Being that its open source, would it be possible for someone to port this to 3dsmax?


It’s based on thinking particles - maybe that’s possible. But I know no one who has TP for Max, although it’s existing (I think CEBAS wrote TP for Cinema and Max…) - don’t know.

Some additional things: There’s a problem with the filename - there mustn’t be any other points in the filename than “.c4d” - so you hav to rename it. From “OBAN 1.0.c4d” into, for example, “OBAN 1-0.c4d” :slight_smile:

This bug will be fixed in some hours on the mirrors.


Thank you Gentle,

Verry, verry great “plugin” Xpression. Thumbsup.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


…nearly the double of the opening of Carnaval (11-11 at 11h11min)??

thanks a lot, happy birthday to the both of you (pisces is a double sign), and yup, some virus scanners see that second dot (point) as a possible virus and place the file in quarantaine or destroy it… Depends on their political conviction I guess… :wink:
I often had this with xxxxx.c4d.zip files also…

danke zweimals


ps: may I ask what Jugendstil font you used for the title of your tree tutorial?


the particle stuff sounds interesting and useful…will take a look…
thank you very much for your hard work and sharing of your efforts…cheers:applause:


Hi Gentle,

I just send you a PM.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


You are an inspiration too me Gentle, I am sure I will have loads of fun, tnx to you!


Your great Gentle, thank you for the expressions, it’s awesome.:slight_smile:


I hope, the thread has been moved - I posted a request to the CGTalk-admins. Here, in the News-section, nobody recogizes it :wink:

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Hi Gentle,

Did you allready sent the mail to me?
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Humm… yes, I did so. One more try, I mailed you the same again :smiley:


Some people asked me whether they can make a voluntary donation for OBAN 1.0, so I opened up a paypal-account.

OBAN 1.0 is Open-Source and so it’s priceless,
but if it’s so valueable for you
that you like to make a voluntary donation - to support the tool and me -
you are welcome to do this .

Choose an amount of money with which you can equiponderate OBAN 1.0 in your own discretion and send it, if possible in Euros, to the PayPal-account "thegentle0@gmail.com".

If you haven’t got PayPal and nevertheless you want to donate something, write me an email or a personal message so that I can give you my bank account data.

Best regards and furthermore have a nice time with OBAN,
Tobias Deml


Heh, I thought this was a thread about single-malt scotch, but the plugin looks cool. :slight_smile: