OK not to get political here, I just wanted to celebrate
an important event in history, which is the first black president of the United States.
with a little humor and respect of course.

Well. since I'm not that good with pencil & paper :D 
  I asked Greg Halbert if I could use his Obama's Caricature as reference for my 3d model
  and after a few minutes I got his authorization. 
  You can check out his great work at [www.greghalbert.com](http://www.greghalbert.com) 

                                     **************** Last update ****************

Testing some camera angles in order to decide which way to go…

Suggestions are more than welcome mates.


Here’s the original 2d Art



now I’m working some details in Mudbox


Brilliant, wonder how long it would take to do Obama, but a caricature is a great idea and a great start, love the grin


Everything looks great! But the fingernails look to be too deep! It looks like it hurts!


Thanks for your comments but not to worry, nails are not there yet! :smiley:


i think you placed the mole a little too high. other than that, I cannot wait to see the result.


really hope you’re going to put him in that little cart, with his knees up round his ears.

great looking model so far


hehehe that’s the idea so far, still that kart needs a lot of work, 'cause I want it to fit better
with the Obama Style, you know I’ll make it look more cartoonist and stuff, I’m not sure
yet about the pose I’ll make though. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway thanks for your comments.

Cheers! :beer:


Sculpting Gum & Teeth in Mudbox


This is turning out really good!


Man this is awesome. I love it. Great stuff is happening here, man. I also appreciate the screens of the teeth. Teeth are one of those areas I have issues modeling, but seeing them done like this might make it easier.


WTF ? dude you’re very imaginative :smiley: keep up the good work, I want to see the full render already !!


OK I know these are basic modeling techniques but I also know there are lots of folks out there that may find it useful. that’s why I took the time. Cheers! :beer:


Just testing materials here, still a lot of work to be done with the kart.


I really like this project, and I really like the material on the body of the kart. Have you put a material on that side panel yet? It just looks a bit off.


Nice one, keep it going.


Thanks for your comments folks.

NFarland: you’re right, at first it looked like a reflection thing, but I’m guessing
it’s an Edge turn issue, I’ll chek it out tomorrow, too late for me now, bed time! :smiley:



Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll take a look.


Back on track now, at this point I’m Adding all the details to the cloth.