O, not another one


Yes another one:

This is going to become a Junkers 88 T-1 reconnaissance aircraft of the Luftwaffe:

Camouflage will be a very bizarre blobby kind of pattern, not unlike the WIP render… German aircraft painters had too much spare time on their hand, it seems… :slight_smile:


Waiting for details! :slight_smile:


Slowly but surely… textures are next! :slight_smile:


Wow cant wait to see it finished.If i am right,I remember your stuff from MaxForums.org.Really kewl stuff.Also I see a vertice that is misplaced on the windshield.Just a head up.GOOD LUCK!


Thanks :slight_smile:
The “misplaced vertex” is in fact intentional. The cockpit frame has a wobble there, so a defensive gun can be attached to it (although on this particular version - a light-weight, high speed variant - the gun was removed). Have a look here to see for yourself that it’s supposed to look this way:


Hi Skyraider3D, nice to see a new project from you! Great :bounce:

This is a nice aircraft and a nice subject, as you say, they carried the most colourful and varied camouflages of the Ju 88 variants produced.
Waiting too see more developments, but for now, this one is looking good IMO :slight_smile:
But, from you, and your rare versions preference, i would expect perhaps an Mistel combination?!?! :wink:

Keep the good work!



This one is for a book cover. Given time, I might indeed do a Mistel later! :wink:


A book cover?!?!? It will be great. :slight_smile:
A book about this subject perhaps?

Lucky you for having this nice subjects in your professional work :drool: :drool: :drool:



Unfortunately, it’s not my professional work :sad:
It’s hobbywork, so to say, which I do in my spare time :slight_smile:


Getting there… Panel detail, weathering and various other items are next! :slight_smile:
The model currently has unfinished diffuse textures only…


Looking very nice Ronnie! I Especially like the paint scheme.


He Ronnie,

666 posts, oh dear…

The junkers looks nice, but what’s this ? You start texturing when the geometry isn’t finished yet ? Why is that ? Can’t wait to see results ? :wink:
Anyway, I agree that you should build a mistel version with a nice 190 on top !



Great model and those textures are looking cool already, cant wait to see more updates!!


Thanks for the comments, guys!

The models is as good as finished now. Here’s a test render:

…and from a different angle:

My apologies to those who don’t like the camo colours… they’re authentic I’m afraid! :smiley:


the camo its looking very nice, but shouldnt the glasses be more visible?!, with the sun hitting the top of the cockpit, there should be plenty of specular there


Yes you’re right, I got that comment before :slight_smile:
I’ll try to improve it in the final image.


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