NYC Chapter?


Hey anyone in the NYC area wanna get one started?!?!


You might be able to start something up in cooperation with the NYC SIGGRAPH or IGDA Chapter.


What are those? (I’m kinda new; I’m googling them too)



Nevermind. Thanks for the info

Are there any that keep updated?



There’s also a New Jersey IGDA Chapter which collaborates with the NYC a couple times a year on bigger events:


Also there have been some unofficial parties and gatherings in NYC for cgtalk at different members’ apartments - unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend and have only read about them on the forums.


Great thanks a lot!

Hey did you ever hear about that Subway Sketch Group? I can’t remember where I read about it at or where it was going on at. I was living in Atlanta at the time, but it sounded pretty cool too.

I’m really trying to get around some good artists in person too so that I can view and learn from their techniques…

Thanks again


I think you are referring to Bobby Chiu’s subway sketchbook events:


Yup that’s it… he’s the truth!

Thanks again


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