-NY City Appartment-, Marc Gruber-Laux (3D)


Title: -NY City Appartment-
Name: Marc Gruber-Laux
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Inhouse showcase production of an Appartment located in New York.
Created using 3ds max alongside with Vray 1.5.

Link to highres version @3k resolution


Additional info:


wounderful my friend …so realistic
keep it up


This interior looks really good! awesome job!




Curtains and projector map render great :wink:
Lighting and textures also nice :slight_smile:

The doors looks on the wrong side opening, but it’s just a little detail ^^




Great work. I like the Light and the color that is maintained.
Can you share how were the curtains made.

Only thing is I think it might need a Camera correction. Might be wrong on that :).

Once again great work :thumbsup:. 4 stars.


Oh god! I have to get Vray again!!Amazing work, inspiring!


beautiful light.
I don`t quite get why there is a tree shadow map as the apartment looks well above ground level,other than that …superior work.


Like brentagain has mentioned…one thing that really stands out odd is from where the tree shadows come from. The shadow do look good, so maybe you can change the background…?


Only 3 stars ? I don´t understand… this picture is beautiful ! 5* :thumbsup:


Beautiful :thumbsup:


great work! and great website (www.purerender.com) :thumbsup:

could you tell us some info about your beautiful curtains?


thanks for the nice replies so far !!

concerning the curtains. they were done with an opacity map in vray.
in general this image was done with LC for secondary and QMC for primary bounces.
it was the best result for all these tiny details.


Superb! The lighting is wonderful.



Oh God … that’s so beauty space and very good modelling &rendering


very realistic render. congrats :thumbsup:


omg awesome gj man just keep it on like that :wink:



omg awesome gj man just keep it on like that :slight_smile:



Excellent work.


Oh my godness !!!
Show me wire and postproduction…:slight_smile: pppllleeeeeaasssseee !!!


Absolutely stunning!