nvpx.CreateConvexHull Error - Cannot convert Editable Mesh to type Mesh


After updating the PhysX plugin to 2.71 in Max 2012 a chunk of code now fails. In fact, the code fails in a vanilla install of Max 2013 too. The following code worked for me in previous versions, though.

/*Make a teapot*/
tp = TeaPot()
/*convert teapot to mesh to pass into PhysX function*/
ConvertToMesh tp
/*Create an empty Editable_mesh to store the new hull*/
newnode = Editable_mesh() 
newnode.mesh = nvpx.CreateConvexHull (tp) 44 0 --Exception happens here! 
update newnode

The exception that happend:

– Unable to convert: $Editable_Mesh:Teapot001 @ [0.000000,0.000000,0.000000] to type: Mesh

Any ideas? Is it that I was originally using this function incorrectly (but it magically worked), or is this a new bug?


ss = editable_mesh ()
classof ss.mesh --> TriMesh

make a box , convert it to mesh . select it . then :
classof $ --> Editable_mesh
classof $.mesh --> TriMesh

Editable_mesh == TriMesh – > false

that is means :
classof ss.mesh != classof any mesh object .

Maybe the return of function u mentioned is a “Editable_mesh” . then u assign it to a TriMesh varable of the Editable_mesh modifier class instance .

maybe coding like this will be ok :
(editable_mesh()).mesh = (the return of the function).mesh


Thanks for the feedback. I actually tried that and various similar ideas when the functions stopped working… and it would always simply fail. It just happens that in previous versions you could pass an editable_mesh (and the function would work fine). But now it simply won’t work in any way I write it.

nVidia has now confirmed this to be a bug in these versions of PhysX/MassFX. There are related hull functions that are also broken that specifically take nodes instead of a trimesh and they are also broken.


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