Nvidia Studio Drivers or Game Ready Drivers for Work/Gaming PC


I am using my PC for Work (Maya, Substance Painter, etc) and Gaming, Ryzen 3600 and 1080ti. Would like to know what drivers you guys are using for Work and Gaming. Since the Studio Driver releases are very lazy (gap of more than 1 to more than 2 months), would like to know if i can use the Game Ready Drivers for work.


Like all updates, its a personal choice of stability vs software/firmware updates. Any software I upgrade I read the release notes first, if it benefits my work then Ill upgrade and keep a backup until I feel its stable enough.

Regarding nvidia drivers I always stick with studio drivers, only because I find the game ready drivers are unstable every 2-3 updates, then usually the version that is also the studio release tends to be fairly rock solid. Some software I wont upgrade for years.


Got it, thank you. I will hold onto the Studio Drivers.


Thank you for sharing!


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