Nvidia’s 6800 Dam


Here is a something I have been thinking about for some time now. If any of you have been trying to purchase a 6800 card in the past month or so its been very hard to get one since 90% of the companies who sell the Nvidia’s Vid cards don’t have any in stock and If they do they have a raffle to see who will be picked in order to buy the card. Well I started to think about this. As in past top line cards that Nvidia came out with. Sure the first few months that it came out with it was kind of hard to get but not as hard as it is now. Even with ATI competing really close with Nvidia It still seems rather strange the lack of supply.

So I thought about if I was Nvidia and I want to maximize my profit margin why not tell the board manufactures to only put a small leak in the dam to drip a few boards out to seem like we are competing at the moment to give the illusion of this great demand to get the most profit out of the gamers and when Doom 3 comes out ride the wave and flood the market with the cards (since the 6800 is the DOOM card of choice – well recommend by eVGA - http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?Part_Number=256-A8-N345-AX)I will be very curious to see if my theory is right. I will be looking between Aug 1st – 15th to see if there is a jump in the card stock.

What are your thoughts? Is this paranoia with a dash of misconception or this the reality of the new video card market? :shrug:


it is Nvidia, so who knows.


Well, sure the high launchprices are likely to decline after some set time. But the problems like low quantities and BIOS problems are definately real. I have a Gainward GT on order which was delayed from 30.07.04 to 16.08.04. If you look at the Gainward forum you’ll be shocked by the quantity and also the kind of problems customers are having. Some problems are borderline legal there :argh:. And Gainward’s not the only card manufacturer having such problems…


XFX 6800GT here, works flawlessly.



PNY GeForce 6800GT here…
works awesome (ive got it @ 420/1.15 24/7…stock is 350/1.0, thats overclocked past Ultra speeds) :slight_smile: …oh yah, my 6800gt isnt loud whatsoever, so sorry bout that XFX


So over all to get a BFG I would have to wait alot longer then Aug?


I ordered a BFG 6800GT from best buy. I had to wait about 3.5 weeks for it to ship.

Seriously, the scarcity is believable. The DDR3 ram they use is scarce and pricey. They 256MB on my card fro $360 had to be fairly thin margin to be profitable. The memory chip makers are only so interested in producing more of what is making them a minimal ammount of money right now.

The 5800 series was really ahrd to get as well initially, it was just that when the first ones trickeld out and the bad news about their performance poured in, you DIDN’T CARE that you couldn’t get one :wink:


:shrug: ^ Huh !? So those 1st batches of cards which ppl reported to be plain
reference cards, instead of for example Gainward’s Golden Sample cards ; are
unofficially called “5800’s” !?? I’d rather call that Scandelous Scams !


Knotter8 what do you mean? :shrug:


also a heads up to anyone who is looking for the BFG 6800 still no where to be found. The sites BFG has listed on their site are all sold out. Best Buy is in the same slot as well. Does anyone know of a site with it in stock? I’m going nuts over here :cry:


I think he thinks I was calling 6800s 5800s or something, I dunno maybe he needs sleep in order ot grasp I was discussing a previous product cycle.


I plucked a BFG 6800GT right off the shelf at Fry’s in Canoga Park while I was assembling parts for other machines. Solid as a rock in UT2004, and TOCA2… I’m now running it in a Shuttle XPC with just a 200W power supply :twisted: That was last month.

Now I’m looking to get my mitts on Doom 3.


I went to Frys website. I can’t find anything on their for the BFG 6800… can anyone help?


Raz…^ Lol…(not) anyway…, some companies have been selling reference 6800’s as their own special OC versions with stuff like custom cooling and heatsinks. Those ppl got screwed ; NOT funny.


im soon to be getting a new pc with Geforce also, but was wondering if it was worth dishing out for the pci-express version?


I didn’t think there were any PCIe motherboards shipping yet. I thought they were due in early 2005.


yeah, I bought one of those (BFG 6800 GT), how exactly did I get screwed. It’s been pre-tested, and runs at higher than stock speeds without a hiccup. I also picked it up for $340. The thing runs like a top and is quiet.

I’m missing the screwed part here.

Most of the video cards these days are going to follow reference designs with the sole exception of ramdac supplier, memory chip supplier, cooling system, and possibly whether you get dvi & vga or dual DVI. Frankly, most of the time reference boards are higher quality and don’t have cheap ramdacs or crap signal on the DVI ports.

your post still makes no sense, nor why you were talking about 5800s, which were a whole previous generation for graphics chip

(i.e. 5800 = NV30, 5900 = NV35 6800 = NV40.)


Raz where did you pick up your card? Like I said from my other posts I can’t find it anywhere


I placed an order on bestbuy.com and had some patience. It took about 3-4 weeks for me to get it. Demand is high and supply is low, you are just going to have to wait or be persistant in checking.

As for a brick and mortar stores, fry’s seem to have been getting the most stock ont he shelves.


I’m sorry, but i think you misinterpreted my post, what i actually meant by it.
Ppl who bought early Gainward 6800’s were expecting this ;

That’s Gainward’s Golden Sample design ; dual cooling fans with 100 % copper heatsinks
and NV40 cores from the best NV40 yields. Then there’s also the 10 - layer red PCB.
Gainward markets their Golden Sample range on the premise of OC’ing.

What the early adopters got however was a plain reference card which got 'em nowhere beyond the Golden Sample speeds. Not higher than 400 or 390 for the core. Also, Gainward
initially provided the wrong BIOS. Did I mention that not too long ago their website listed the GT to have 1.6ns DDR3 ? Well, just after these ppl bought their cards it became clear that it was actually 2.0ns DDR3. These ppl paid ‘Golden Sample’ price for reference cards with faulty BIOS and getting nowhere near the Golden Sample speeds. Fortunately, I’m not one of those ppl. I did place on order for a Gainward GT, but mine is due on the 16th ; the 2nd batch which was promised by Gainward to be the card like in the picture above. If not ; I demand back my money.

Now…I can imagine some ppl to call such screw cards A KIND of “5800’s” .
It’s an anology to the phenomenon of companies which not deliver what was ‘promised’ or marketed.
Of course I know the real Geforce 5800. I have a QuadroFX 1000 myself right now, it IS NV30, yes I knew that already.