Nvidia Neural Net Generates Thousands Of New Photoreal People From Real Face Images


Nvidia trained a neural net with real photos of various celebrities. The neural net can now generate completely new faces that don’t exist at all but look seriously real.



The technology may one day be used for things like generating completely convincing fictional characters for computer games that look like real people.


The most curious thing here is the neural net. Indeed it looks not perfect, but what it will be in 10 years?
And this thing generates better-looking people than those around, not even being too smart.


On Slashdot someone wondered out loud what will happen when this neural net can do animation.

I.e. you could shoot a film with one set of actors and the neural net could replace their faces with completely different faces.


Actor copyright by facial feature lawsuits?:cool:


>someone wondered out loud what will happen when this neural net can do animation.




That is acting being transferred from one face to another. I saw that when it first came out. Quite impressive.

But this neural net technology goes one step further - you could shoot a film with completely unknown actors, then the neural net can replace the real actors’ faces with millions of new, generated faces.

You might even have movies one day where YOU get to decide what the actors look like each time you watch the movie.

No more Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson in a movie. Instead generated Face #15388048948 and generate Face #58398782914.

You might get completely virtual celebrities like in the movie S1MONE acting in major films. (The Japanese already have those…)