NVIDIA Mental Ray is being discontinued



[quote=]Why is Mental Ray being discontinued?
To bring AI and further GPU acceleration to graphics, NVIDIA continues to significantly focus on developing SDKs and technologies for software development partners who create professional ray tracing products. NVIDIA will focus on bringing GPU accelerated ray tracing technology to every rendering product out there. Therefore, it further invests into core
rendering technology, like:
NVIDIA OptiX and real-time ray tracing platforms for next-generation GPU architectures.
MDL, the open Material Definition Language.
NVIDIA IndeX, our platform technology for visualization and computing of multi-valued volumetric and embedded geometry data.
NVIDIA Iray for physically based rendering platforms focusing on the CAD, product and architectural design markets.
With this focus, we have discontinued development of plugins and new features for Mental Ray.
Learn more about GPU accelerated rendering software products from our partners.[/quote]](http://images.nvidia.com/content/newsletters/email/pdf/Mental-Ray-FAQ-201.pdf)The end :cry:

ps: welcome Blender Cycle and Amd Prorender :slight_smile:


Snif, I liked Mental-ray …

Maybe some one else will make the development ? lets dream ?


Oh! :sad: Very bad news… In these days I am still loving this renderer. Seems that Its time to learn Arnold deeply


Rest in Peace, dear friend. :frowning:


In the end it seems to become a very lonely funeral. Not many here to moan.
I surely will, we had a close relationship till the end. It will be hard to let you go.
So, “Fare Well” and “Sayonara”…
In stiller Trauer

There need to be a law which should make a grave in the “Open-Source”-Graveyard obligatory for discontinued software!


I am one of those in the funeral…
Mental Ray has been in my life since it was introduce in MAYA 4.5…
I’ll be in the funeral but I won’t certainly miss him. I started to migrate to another one since it was a little pain to work with him and the render times increased a lot in recent versions.
Well, go Rest In Peace my dear.


Not surprising. It was going to happen. Nothing lasts that doesn’t improve and compete

I only feel bad for the couple people who bought licenses in the last year


I used Mental Ray in Softimage XSI 1.0 way back. Compared to C4D’s quick renderer, it was atrociously slow.

But it had things going for it like good looking bump mapping, and Photon Mapping, Final Gather.


If you have heard the latest news : mentalRay isn’t continuing. finalRender trueHybrid relaunched not too long ago. On a more cost-saving for the long run in terms of upgrades and ongoing GPU technology. And - it supports your mental ray scenes right out of the box! So, MR artists seeking an alternative, without giving up your working scenes and investments in assets, all of it are supported in finalRender, the only renderer using trueHybrid™ - enabling you to seamlessly use all of your available GPU and CPU power. finalRender’s most advanced physically based spectral rendering is unmatched on 3ds Max and ensures to deliver physically accurate realistic results. Check it out at: [www.cebas.com/finalRender



Mental Ray was my first render engine and taught me a lot of patience but also reward. I also think back to the Alias days, Maya 7- Great days for me.


@cebasCedar Thanks for posting that. I almost forgot about finalRender. :blush: We’ll have to migrate to something since Mental Ray is out. We are looking at VRay since its been around for so long, but then so has finalRender. I’m getting caught up on it again. Quick question though, how are render nodes handled? Do you need a separate license for render nodes?

…nevermind. I just read it, unlimited network rendering. I’m sold. Hopefully we can get a couple of seats in the new year or sooner if possible.


Thanks XLNT-3d - yes - it’s been awhile for us here as well. So much more going ons for the VFX part of the business that rendering was playing 2nd fiddle for awhile but hopefully things will move fwd now. I have a blog article to stir some intellectual discussion.


We call it the 2017 quarter of “Rendering Technology and the Cyclops Wave!”
See Blog post November 24, 2017 cebas.org/blog

It’s been quite a month for rendering software this last quarter, first Chaos Group and Render Legion (Corona) merged in August. Rumours abound but we are not at liberty to make comments on the whys and the then what…? We do know that there are users who were with Corona because they didn’t want to be on Vray. Then on November 19, one year after relaunch, NVIDIA announces the demise of Mental Ray.

Edwin Braun, founder of cebas Visual Technology (info@cebas.com), writes about his view on the changes in response to many emails to him. You may know that finalRender trueHybrid recently launched (September 15, 2017) offering a powerful option to those seeking a faster, upgradeable and affordable renderer : full blog article @ http://www.cebas.org/blog/2017/11/

What are your views as a frequent user of rendering technology?

Russell Thomas, Founder of 3dAllusions, Architectural Visualizer Studio, once an avid user of Mental Ray (MR) has this to say:

" I see the two events as detrimental to the CG community as it strengthens the monopoly that VRay enjoys. For Chaos Group to get to where they are today, they had to win over customers through steadily improving products. Now, they are on top. Before, New rendering engines arrive on the scene and try to challenge VRay, and VRay had to continue to improve their game and surpass what was offered. Sadly, Mental ray was living off past laurels and the fact that they were shipped with Autodesk products; in the past, when Maya and XSI weren’t owned by Autodesk, Mental ray was well packaged as well. So, Mental images/NVIDIA had years of enjoying those benefits and somehow gotten lazy in my opinion. "

“However, Now VRay has no real competition from Mental ray anymore (with NVIDIA announcing its eventual closure) and the one software that was being heralded as the new upcomer namely ‘Corona Render’ is now bought out by Chaos Group, again gone is a powerful player in the market pushing the big guys. To the layman, there seems to be only one obvious render engine to purchase and that is VRay. So, I worry about the field a bit, and hope for success for other independent render engines out there and under development, but they will have a hard time to break into markets like architectural visualization because of all the content out there made specifically with VRay, for VRay.”

"Focusing on this issue of Mental ray being dropped by NVIDIA: it came as no real surprise to me, the writing was on the wall. There was a lack of interest in helping to support/promote MrMaterials when we launched and not much activity was outgoing to the User Base, it seemed to me. When NVIDIA finally purchased Mental Images, it seemed that they were buying them to capitalize on Mental ray’s past accomplishments and packaging with Autodesk products, but more importantly to obtain iRay. Then I started seeing them package off iRay technology to other vendors… much like SketchUp Podium Walker; or like the render engine ‘Light Works’ did in the past. And I saw render technology being treated as a commodity and not proprietary content to be proud of ! "

“At MrMaterials.com (WIP), which I have been steadily developing, I intend to continue to support Mental ray materials by maintaining the huge materials repository we have accumulated through the years, as well as the tutorials by Jeff Patton up as best as we can, but I also plan on moving pass this. So, when I was interviewing Edwin Braun of cebas Visual Technology recently, it was brought to my attention that the New finalRender can render scenes using 3DS Max’s default materials as well as all of Mental ray materials! This I saw as a way that we could move forward while using the MR content we already have but appealing to another target demographics as well. Up to this point 3DAS uses VRay, Mental ray and Maxwell to do renderings, I still used Mental ray quite frequently, but I have to move pass that now. As I see it, if finalRender works out and I am doing tests as we speak, it can very well assists in the smooth transition of MR and Maxwell materials and projects (since both are also unbiased) in our line up to finalRender. I think finalRender has great potential and I look forward to learning it and helping that community and maybe helping put together a road map for Mental ray users who need something that can use all the digital content they have accumulated.”

Please feel free to communicate with me, Russell Thomas at TheAllusionist@3dallusions.com. I am busy so be patient.

Thank you for checking in and I hope this will spur some input from the 3dsMax rendering populations in a positive way, please be constructive, no need attack mode.
For FR tutorials, check in at Vimeo/cebasvt


Before it’s 100% over, did you all see this info on the MR forum ?

I personnaly still like MR and it’s a sort of good news to me.](https://forum.nvidia-arc.com/showthread.php?16435-Active-mental-ray-users-and-support)


If you are a mental ray user, and would like support and dev for it to continue, please let me know your contact info. Through a private PM on the NVIDIA forum, or here somehow.

As some of you may know, I’ve been working with mental ray and rendering technology over 12 years. I have a keen knowledge in where rendering must go. The tech in the latest mental ray is forward looking, and I want to work with it some way or another.