Nvidia Joins Blender Foundation Development Fund


NVIDIA joined the Blender Foundation Development Fund at Patron level. This will enable two more developers to work on core Blender development and to keep NVIDIA’s GPU technology well supported for Blender users.

Last July Epic joined the BFDF as a patron.


Great news :slight_smile:

It’s great to see what happens since they take UI design serious ^^


I hope AMD joins soon, I’d hate to see blender favoring nVidia technology (because nVidia will want them to).


AMD is already in, not sure about the dev fund, but they funded a developer that was working on OpenCL exclusively


AUTODESK: Yeah? So what.
BF: Epic
ADSK: S’nothing.
ADSK: It’s… just… a flesh wound.
(Blender Foundation start measuring the throne room for new drapes.)

Just joking, btw. Still nice to see an influx of 3rd party support though.

That might be the desire, but it might not play out like that in practice. First, there are so many things on the Blender Foundation’s agenda atm that NVIDIA would have to get in line. Second, as a community driven project, funding only guarantees development, not direction. Such funding might allow the Blender Foundation to devote more resources toward strengthening NVIDIA support and improving overall performance, but probably not at the expense of reaching the widest possible user base. That would be counter-productive, imo.

The way I see it, NVIDIA is an investor, not a new boss. They only have to answer to them to the extent of showing that the funding is being allocated and in what fashion. However Blender Foundation chooses to allocate those resources, which is really up to them in the end, a higher profile Blender is best for all parties involved. Just being known as a Blender patron is good advertising for NVIDIA. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with using that funding to improve viewport and preexisting CUDA support. That’s good news for a large swath of users.


I never gave any thought to the previous partnership announcements. I didn’t think Epic or UbiSoft were going to have any say detrimental impact on blender’s roadmap or anything like that. But when I see nVidia my mind immediately went to CUDA and the various things I’ve encountered over recent years that were nVidia only, or severely diminished on an AMD machine (such as iRay).
Likely nVidia simply realize that the more people who use 3D CC tools the more potential buyers for their GPUs.


Adidas joins the Blender fund as a corporate sponsor.


Headed by former EA exec and DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund, Embark Studios becomes the latest to join the Blender Development Fund. Reportedly, they’ll also release their in-house Blender related tools at some point.


But wait! There’s more. :stuck_out_tongue: AMD enters the fray too.