Nvidia cards


Anyone know if the new 2080ti is better for things like zbrush and 3ds max archviz than the 1080 msi?


It’ll be better for 3ds Max, but won’t have much effect in Zbrush


At some point Max itself is the bottleneck for viewport performance so even the new cards won’t show an improvement if you’ve got huge scenes with tons of objects.
Puget Systems does benchmarking comparisons for new hardware on their blog https://www.pugetsystems.com/all_articles.php


Actually - considering Turing has about 2x the geometry throughput of Pascal (not talking rasterization here), i would expect ZBrush to see a fair bit of improvement.

However, it doesn’t help that the drawing code of all these apps is ancient and doesn’t leverage any of the modern API fast paths ; and that’s in the rare cases that the app is not already CPU limited :expressionless:


I’m mildly curious how it would stack up to the Quadros, considering the price and firepower involved. It’s almost like they just make their own stuff obsolete on purpose.