NVIDIA and Dell Bring Quad SLI Power to Life


This sure came from out of no where!


(didn’t see this posted anywhere, sorry if it is)


Damn. Why Dell?
I could not think of a worse company when it comes to gaming PC’s…


Serous drool value there, so will we be able to put these on other machines besides Dell?


“Sources say that it can heat a 25,000 cubic meter house at no additional cost”

Sorry, but that’s just overkill… Abusive marketing at it again.


So 4 years ago i had a gforce 3 with 128 meg of ram i think - now you can link up 2 x 1 gig graphics card, bloody norah! So:

2 gig of ram + 2 gig of graphics + 2 processors! … maybe i could save a little more.:smiley:



Charles, you’re so spoiled.:stuck_out_tongue: 4 years ago I only had Diamond Vipere TNT with 16 megs of ram. :cry:

I guess I’ll start saving. :drool:


Is that referring to the heat problems of some of Intel’s chips? :rolleyes:


Beamtracer, don’t you have enough MS threads open as it is to keep you busy for a while, or do you have to turn every thread to an anti-MS/anti-Intel debate?


Holy crap that’s AWESOME!!!

/inner geek


Yeah, apparently they’re going to switch over the lights in Vegas to be powered by a bank of Quad SLIs for a few minutes this Saturday, just to show off. :eek:

only kidding :buttrock:

I’ve posted a news item for further reading.




Damn you, that was gonna be my joke :cry:

Wonder if it’ll have to be weighted down with concrete like a washing machine… time to rob that bank :drool:

regards, Paul


So do you get 4 cards rendering onto one monitor? Didn’t the dual card config do half your monitor with one card, the other half with the other card? So maybe this does the disply in 4 quads instead? I just wonder what the optimal setup would be to harness this much power. Seems like a bit of overkill to me.


Next door to a nuclear power station I would imagine :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I thought they did alternating frames, I mean, wouldn’t splitting up the image make display errors more likely?

confuzzled, Paul


Let’s see. On newegg that 7800 costs $749 and you need two of them - that’s $1498!! Good lord that’s a lot of money for bragging rights.


Over kill? I would hardly call 400fps in UT2004 or Q3 over kill. lol

But in all seriousness, what we think of as “overkill” now, will be minimum requirements in a few short years. It may not be needed now, but it is a glimpse into the future.


The public demands recognisable benchmarks!


neat looking for sure.

overkill perhaps, but then again in all honesty is there realy something called overkill when it comes to hardware? it´s all about what you can afford, sure there´s not a single cpu out right now that can feed that puppy to it´s liking, but the gpu is on the other hand not out yet either and both intel and amd is bringing out new baby´s during the first spring, besides we´re are gpu bound in some cases.

So my opinion is, if someone wants it, it´s atleast an option now and better performing hardware is never wrong, altho i doubt that i´ll pick it myself, there´s alot of other hardware that makes more sense for me to pick up atm since im already using a 7800gtx in my home rig :slight_smile:


“it’s 3x as hot as the surface of the sun! the noise during start up will damage your hearing! it will cost $70 an hour to operate! dell is run by satan himself! intel too! and micro$oft owns satan!”

you’re all just jealous. go back to your 1 GHZ macs and 15 inch LCD screens.


5+ TFLOPS…! Mmm… nice!