NVArt6 Moving Innovation :: Special Event


Hey there,

CGSociety and NVIDIA have opened up the latest great contest for future product design.

The evolution of portable technology will empower all of us in exciting new ways. To do more, in more places. To bring our home, or our work, with us wherever we go.

We want you to explore your vision of the future of moving innovation. Make it artistic and awe-inspiring, but make it something we can all aspire to in the decade to come. Not sci-fi, just amazingly creative.

Click thru the image below to bring up the NVArt6 Moving Innovation contest page.



[font=Arial Black]New deadline is July 18[/font][font=Arial Black], [/font][font=Arial Black]23:59[/font][font=Arial Black] (UTC-12), 2011 :slight_smile:

  So when the clock hits 23:59 at the end of July 18, in the uninhabited islands of [/font][font=Arial Black][Baker Island](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker_Island) and [Howland Island](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howland_Island), it will be time to put down your tools and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

   But I [/font][font=Arial Black]strongly suggest  you get your entries in before that!  All sorts of potential disasters  happen when you leave submissions to the last minute.[/font]


what if we have submited a final can we re submit a refined image?


what is the final hour we can submit our works? I cant see the Upload button anymore on the contests webpage.


i cant see the submit button to pass my entry :frowning:


same problem :banghead:


Hi Admin,

I just wanna ask, today is July 18 around 7:00 pm pacific time but I can’t upload my final entry. When I convert my image into lower size it upload but if I send the final size the thumbnail doesn’t appear. Now it’s 10 pm the upload button doesn’t appear. It’s 2am now in Baker Island.

Can I upload my final image?




Hey i cant find whe are submit button and 18 July now how i can upload my final image please help me do it i spend 3 weeks Cmon…


Upload button please…


I can´t also upload my imagem… For all I know, the deadline is until july 18, so I thought I could upload my image until 11:59 p.m…


Hi everybody.

I can’t also post my final image for nvart06, I worked for this challenge during 1 month and I would like to post my job. I live in Belgium and the time here is 9PM. It was not write the max time for post entries.

Is it possible to upload now???


A potential disaster has happened! Having been refining my final image and now ready to upload, the competition appears to have closed 14 hours early! :sad: I would love the chance for the judges to see my final product, but as uploading elsewhere on the internet is against the rules…

Why, CG, whyyyy?


same boat, where is the upload link, im in CA and its only 4PM on the 18th??


My last version that I didn’t have the time to post…


So, yes it’s too sad! Entry are closed before! :surprised

How could I post my last pict?

Hope it will work… Please CG!



That was a fun contest. I managed to whip something up last minute.


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