nurbs or poly for plants?


Hi all! I’m new here to the community(although I created this account sometime ago)

I’m currently working on a project where I need to model some plants similar to the one in the link below. But, I’ve never modeled any kind of foliage before, to me it seems i would just polygon model planes? Or am i wrong and will this be easier using NURBS( I havent used these much) by lofting curves or soemthing similar?

also, it looks like the leaved in the wireframe picture actually have depth, so, i assume i wouldn’t just use a single plane depth and would actually model around the whole leaf, using thin side planes?

I hope that make sense. Any help is much appreciated!

  • cj

Edit: woops, I meant to post this in the general modeling forum. mods please move if possible. Thanks


It depends on what you want to use the plant for.

A movie or something should have a super high poly plant.

If its a side object it could be lower poly.

If its for a game or something, it should have minimum polygons.

What are you making it for?


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