Nurbs object breaks open when setting key on CVs


Hi there,

I’m having a problem with this NURBS object:

It is a model of a clip element made of aluminium. You can press the upper ends against each other and thereby fix something between them. In order to animate that, I need to move the wings against each other, so that it looks like that in the end:

I tried to achieve that by selecting the CV’s of each wing, moving the shared pivot of these CV’s to the center bottom and rotate them against each other:

From this

to that:

So far, so good. But here’s the problem: when I just change the objects shape like in the last picture, everything renders out fine. But when I set a key on the CV’s of a wing to animate the closing of the clip, the NURBS surface breaks open on the edge, which is really ugly. This happens exactly at the moment I press “s” for setting a key on the CV’s. You can also see it in the wireframe view:

Here is the rendered result of the above:

What can I do? Any help on this is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



This might be a long shot, or you might have dug yourself out of it already, but have you tried working at a bigger scale, in case it’s a precision issue that can be offset by being in a different range?


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