nurbs body modelling...


hi, im building my first character using nurbs. i used freeform fillet to attach the arm to the body, same with the other arm and both legs.
my question:
is this the right way to build characters with nurbs, and if yes is there another step before i start putting bones to the character?


There are plenty of ways to build character models and your method is probably ok, but one of the best ways is actually to use the loft tool and global stitch. Yes there are some very important steps before you put the bones in the character. Well one major one, make sure that your model is all selected and then delete the construction history. You only need to do this right before you bind your skin to your skeleton. Make sure your pretty much done with your model upto this point because you can’t undo this step. There are plenty of tutorials on how to build characters just look around on a few maya learning sites.
Hope this info helps.


death to nurbs! avoid them like the plague, i say. so much hassle. sorry, that’s my best advice.


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