Null Animation Trail / Trace with thickness based on speed


Hi Everyone,
I am trying to create an animation trail in Cinema 4D.

Basically I am tracing an animated null, that then creates a spline (with sweep) and the sweep thickness should vary depending on the speed/velocity (basically the distance delta to the last keyframe) of the null-animation.

Like a brush-stroke that gets wider the faster the brush goes.

Is there any way I can do this? I also have X-Particles, but can’t seem to figure it out with that either.

Any help is appreciated.


perhaps a little expresso that uses a rangemapper to map speed of null to size of sweep. width on speed.c4d (393.1 KB)
retricted to width in this sampe


Thanks, great Idea! This though always changes the thickness of the entire sweep.

I will test some more with this method though, thanks!


Instead of using a sweep could you use a loft and create different sized spline circles based on the speed? - You might have to work with mograph weight / memory node. Not sure if it would work.