Nuke tutorial for multipass compositing


Just updated today:

New website with Nuke tutorials and gizmos up now:

Tutorials made by myself and by VFX Artist Torbjorn Lindback ( )

This is the first tutorial of the website and it is just a small part of a future 4 chapter tutorial called “Nuke_Intermediate_CG_Pipelines”, originally made for CmiVFX.

All projects files and media also in website, hope you guys like it.

Have fun


thanks mate.


Thank you, Hugo. I really appreciate it. :thumbsup:


Thank you for this guide. Very useful stuff.


Totally love you! thank you.


Hi all, just updated the links above.

We have a website now for the Tutorials

Have fun.


Absolutely fantastic! I thank you so much for this and I am eagerly looking forward to future chapters. :slight_smile:


Great tutorials. Thanks for taking the time…


wonderful tutorial ! thanks:applause:


Thank you very much, very usefull




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