Nuke script error


Hi all.

I try to create some specific write nodes by copying a nuke script. The idea behind that script is: when a check box is checked/unchecked other UI elements must be enabled/disabled.
I was able to implement this functionality, but I still get some error message when this node is copied in Nuke:

[11:15.10] ERROR: Write2.secSelected: unexpected end of “”

Obviously is something in the “secSelected” knob defintion, but I can’t figured out what it is.

The nuke script is:

set cut_paste_input [stack 0]
version 7.0 v8
push $cut_paste_input
Write {
 file_type jpeg
 _jpeg_quality 1
 _jpeg_sub_sampling 4:4:4
 checkHashOnRead false
 name Write
 label "F3D Write"
 selected true
 xpos -238
 ypos -19
 addUserKnob {20 F3D}
 addUserKnob {41 viewsSelection l views T views}
 addUserKnob {26 ""}
 addUserKnob {6 prerenderFlag l "This is a secondary output" -STARTLINE}
 prerenderFlag true
 addUserKnob {4 tasktype l "render pass" M {pre temp paint matte slap degrain}}
 tasktype matte
 addUserKnob {1 renderPass l "" -STARTLINE }
 addUserKnob {26 ""}
 addUserKnob {4 format l "format preset:" M {"exr (16bit)" "exr (32bit)" dpx jpg tga ""}}
 format jpg
 addUserKnob {6 secSelected +STARTLINE +INVISIBLE}
 secSelected {{"\[python nuke.thisNode().knob('tasktype').setEnabled(nuke.thisNode().knob('prerenderFlag').value()) ]"}}

Do you have any idea how could I solve this situation? Thank you.