Nuke Question


So hello guys,
i´m Jens, 24 years old, and a 3D Design student from Germany. I started learning Cinema4D and the Adobe Suite in my university. After working with them for one year i decided to look what other programs are there to find my best workflow and create the best effects. So i tried Blender and fell in love with the node system to append Materials and the nice Render Engine Cycles. Well i´ve worked with blender for 1 year and now i´m in 4 th semester of my study.

I watched some videos and heard , that maya and nuke are industry standards for films. So i decided to learn these. 3 days ago i started learning the Compositing program Nuke. I went to a little forest near my home with some friends and filmed a little scene, to practise compositing/vfx with my own content. I have to say that i didn´t have much experience with cameras and filming neither.

Now to the effects i want to create. I´m really interested in these super hero movie effects. Someone is robbin me shooting at me but i´m immortal.

This is a screenshot from my first compositing project. After the shooting the camera is going to focus on my face and i want an effect like in this Youtube Tutorial shown. (

Furthermore i saw this tutorial: … He starts with changing alpha channel information, but i don´t have an alpha channel on my footage and i tried the hole day to find one tutorial to add the alpha channel without greenscreening.

i hope u have some tips for me to realize my project, although i don´t have that much experience.

Thank you very much

and have a nice day.