(Nuke) How to reload PSD read nodes?


Hello everybody, today I’ve started working in Nuke as part of my learning the ways of the matte painter.
I’ve notice that if I load a TIFF or JPEG image on the Read node, or if I load a FBX file on the ReadGeo node, once I made modifications on Photoshop or Maya, when I go back to Nuke I can press the reload button and get the updated version of that node.

Is it possible to do the same thing when you load a PSD file from Photoshop, since I have to brekout the file to operate in the different layers and their respetive alphas, I have to delete the file, load again the psd, breakout the layers and reconect everything one by one if I have to update the PSD in Photoshop, Is there a way to reload the PSD file or layer? Or is it better to save the file in individual TIFF files with their alphas to avoid this?

Thanks for any help! cheers