Nuke Compositing - Zdepth with Defocus


Hi there,

I saw a while ago someone using zdepth for a defocus instead of zblur and it looked much nicer, was wondering if anyone here knows how to do it and can point me in the right direction? I’m very bad at nuke… so baby words.


The default defocus in Nuke doesn’t accept any depth input. However if you render your scene in layers then you can defocus each layer separately.
But a better solution is either Nuke 7 which already has a zDefocus, Frischluft plugin or pregrinelabs Bokeh plugin for Nuke in case you want a true defocus that is controlled by depth.


Thanks for the suggestions, I have seen people feed a zdepth into a defocus in the past, hopefully someone here knows how to do it… :slight_smile:

Will look into the suggestions.


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