Nuke camera solve to 3ds max tracking issues


Hi gang!

I am working on compositing an architectural render into a live action plate. The plate was tracked in nuke and the camera exported to 3ds max, where the artist noticed issues with scale and the axis. He ended up importing the camera to C4D and exporting from there to Max. The render I received has some pretty bad tracking issues and slides around on the plate, which I find surprising because projections I’ve set up in Nuke using the exact same camera track perfectly on the plate. That artist has since left the country and I doubt I’ll be able to get another render with my current deadline, so I am wondering if there is a way to set up some sort of offset correction in nuke that tracks how far the render moves off its intended location to match-move it back where it should be.

Please let me know if I need to explain this further, or if anyone has encountered similar scenarios.



that’s a challenging problem… if i do recall, exporting a camera from nuke to max is tricky.

if i remember correctly i had a tough time with the frame rate and that caused major issues. nuke’s default was 24 and my default for max was 29.97

unfortunately i don’t have any real solutions… but on the other hand i use nuke’em to go from max to nuke and it works like a charm. i wonder if that developer has a solution for the other way?