Nuke and tracking



just tested Nuke and found out that they don’t have any tracking!!!

I read in the FAQ on there website, there they wrote that it will come in a near future, but when? anyone know?

Since I’m a big Shake fan I having trouble switching to Nuke, the GUI isn’t exactly user friendly like shake! does anyone know if they going to work more on the GUI?, I really hope soo.

anyone know of any Nuke forums? (except this one of course)


Are there many people out there using Nuke?

I run - aimed specifically at compositors, and, if there are people who would use it, will quite happily set up a Nuke section…

If you (or anyone else) are interested, then please do go over there and register your interest - if there’s anybody who uses Nuke who would use it, then I’ll leap at the chance to set it up.


At least there is a weird but good Stabilizer!!!




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