NuiCapture for Windows Kinect Depth and Skeletal recording software.


Record and analyze Kinect™ for Windows® sensor data!

[left]Record from multiple Kinect™ for Windows® sensors simultaneously[/left]

[left]Automatically export depth, color, and skeleton data to Matlab and XML[/left]

[left]Synchronize audio and visual feeds across multiple Kinect™ for Windows® sensors[/left]

[left]Render video files to visualize recorded data[/left]

[left]Visualize recorded data in a 3-D media player[/left]

BVH and FBX export coming within 2 weeks!

Help us to develop this software into a better product. [

Download NuiCapture for Kinect Windows Today!](


Does it work with the Xbox version of Kinect or only the Windows version?


Yes it does work with the Xbox version of Kinect however…

You have to install the Microsoft SDK for that to work.:eek:


Heres a second look at this new software.

This software is really great!:thumbsup: and has a huge potential.


Oh look it’s true bones again


So you are officially affiliated with the product this time then?


This guy is unbelievable.


mrmoves, you really don’t mind that no matter what’s your real intention (good or just abusing for your “presentation”) by now you are actually discouraging many people who didn’t notice your scheme from those products?


I feel like I’m missing a back story here…


I have no intention of naming them, but I have received an email from a company basically distancing them self from this guy.


Ahhhh ok… I see. Thanks.


Joseph McPeek…Again
Aka "Drummove …Aka trueb*ones… Aka "boneyM etc etc
Multitple bans from this site for spam& misrepresenting reputable companies
Bloody unbelievable!!


I figure if we can’t stop the scumbag from opening new accounts under new names the least we can do is turn the floodlights on him when shows up again under a new alias.

To the uninitiated, this guy is a con artist who pretends to be from reputable motion capture companies by lifting text from their news releases and posting it here to make it look like he is an official representative.

Then at the end of the press release he adds on a link to his truly awful website where he sells truly awful motion capture clips (seriously if I made motion capture clips that bad I’d pretend to be someone else too) to make it look like the company who’s news item he plagiarised is in someway endorsing his crap.


Heres some updates on the New Microsoft Skeletal Tracking Software.


See how easy that was? No trickery, just simple links, probably just as many hits.

If all of your posts were like the one (just) above, no one would (probably) have any (major) problem with you. You might even find that if you stopped pretending to be from other companies, people would (after a while) happily forget your previous efforts and accept you at face value.

Your video reviews are not the problem, if anything, they are actually useful - you do go through and test the software and provide insights into how it works. The real problem is your attitude that seems to say “forum etiquette rules don’t apply to me, I’ll act however I like, if I get banned I’ll just sign up a new account and continue acting the same exact way.”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but that’s why I’ve taken to sitting out on the porch with a shotgun in my lap waiting for new users to show up talking about some new motion capture product (expecting them to be you). Happy to put it away, if you’d just start behaving with a little more integrity. Hell, I’ll even start saying nice things about you (for what that’s worth).


“Your video reviews are not the problem,”

I respectfully disagree Mate… they are the problem as they are a FALSE pretext to direct traffic to his youtube page where there are links to his crappy BVH products
that even poser users dont want.

If he is a you tube partner who gets income based on page views,
His Fob here serves the duo purpose of making him money from his youtube account and spamming his Bloody awful mocap files

I have seen a person get banned here for repeatedly reporting CG “news” that was in actuality articles on a same specific website.



Well,… I see why the perma ban. Most earned.

I can’t believe the user in question is willing to put his reputation out like this on, of all places, CGtalk! I mean, wow,… if you wanted to effectively cement your permanent media production blacklist, there isn’t really a more effective method then earning perma / insta ban statues on CGtalk… hard…enough as it is to acquire such a distinction of being member to such an “elite” club of users. hah!

Just for the record though, the actual company is doing some good stuff and I can’t wait for them to launch. I will keep an eye out for them.


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