Nuclear Dawn : Exo Trooper (game Art), Steven Shmuely (3D)


Title: Nuclear Dawn : Exo Trooper (game Art)
Name: Steven Shmuely
Country: South Africa
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hey guys

This is another one of the in-game characters that I created for the Nuclear Dawn Mod (Half Life 2).

The model is 3825 polygons (triangles). Two textures were used, 1x 1024x1024 for the body, and 1x 512x512 for the head.

You can download a high quality turntable rotation of the character & base here:

Divx (2.72 mb, 768x576)

Quicktime (3.2 mb, 768x576)

Here is another hi-res shot of the character:

Here is a shot of the wireframe:

If you are interested, there is once again a lot of extra stuff (textures, etc) on my webpage. Just click on the Exo Trooper icon.

Note: The original concept was again designed by the formidable Ri Kai Lim and thanks again toBenjamin Duk for the kickass rig.

The minigun was modelled and textured by Sebastian Croon and Sixshooter. I just changed the texture slightly to suite the character, but full credit goes to them.

The hosting issues have been sorted out with my domain, so for those of you that couldn’t see the Infantry last time, be sure to check it out.

Just a note, Nuclear Dawn is looking for some hi-poly modellers . . so if you want to give it a shot e-mail




Hey Speve,

Looking damn nice as usual :scream:

Characters are coming out really sweet, love the texturing and efficient polygon usage. ND is gonna look sweet, because you’re doing such awesome models for it.


Very very nice.

But I liked your light infantry soldier better. I think this one has a bit too much armor, also where his uniform shows it looks kinda strange, cause you used long camouflage lines or are they fabric wrinkles? especialy on his arms.

nevertheless awesome work.
can’t wait to see more… keep it up :thumbsup:


The style is fantastic. It seems as though each pixel is used to detail the figures, giving it a grimy overdone look.
I don’t know how well I can speak to this but (I’m just starting in 3D);
The actual design of the characters is alittle standard. The armour and guns seem very general, not too different from many out there.


nice texture !cleanly work !:thumbsup:


very good:thumbsup:


I have to agree a little bit here - it looks very like the DeepEyes from Final Fantasy the movie.

Not neccessarily a bad thing, mind!

However, its a nice model with a great texture. I love the scratches and the detailing. It looks just like a 1/25th figurine (which I guess was the idea in the initial render).


Good style! i like it!.. and i want Half-Life 2 :P, hehehe !


Thanks for all the replies. :thumbsup:

Froogle: You are my number one fan. :smiley:

THEUNFORGIVEN: Yeah, they’re wrinkles in the fabric.

Maark Karraen: I suppose their are always going to be similarities in design. But I think Ri Kai has got quite a fresh take on things.

Raymonkey: Yeah, I was trying to get that figurine feel to the presentation. Glad you like it.




fun & great mapping ,it’s a good production ! !yes ! ! !another ! and another . . .:slight_smile:


Wow man this is incredible!Very good work !


clearly the work of a genius.

lovely work man the only crits i have are that u shud do some bump mapping.

is sixshooter on ur team ?..
and are u guys allowed to show off the nuclear dawn work ?.


Bloody brilliant stuff - my mate actually thought it was a photo of a model!
Superb texturing an modeling.
On the (slightly) negative side, I think the design is a bit too much like the deepeyes from the FF film, his minigun seems a teeny bit too small, and the ammo belt is very short - he must be out of ammo soon!
Very inspiring work though - did you use any fancy lighting, or is it all done in the texture?


Hey guys, thanks for the replies again.

franklyn: Sixshooter isnt on the team, but I just needed a weapon that fitted the character style, and we havent got a minigun of our own yet. There is other ND work that has been done, but that will be showcased at a later stage.

AndyH: Thanks man, glad you and your buddy like it. As for the minigun I based the scale off of actual measurements, and even then the real scale was too small, so it is already quite scaled up. But I’ll take another look. As far as lighting goes, there is no lighting on the character, its 100% self-illuminated. The base is 70% self-illuminated, and there is one area light in the scene. The shadows are very subtle . . just to give a sense of placement to some objects in the scene. So its pretty much all in the texture.

Thanks again guys. :thumbsup:




Odd. I know the minigun isnt quite as huge as most people think, but my nostalgic memories of Blain Leap from Predator and Arnie in T2 toting their miniguns made me think they were a lot bigger and heavier looking. It seems very accurately modeled, so ill take your word for it!
Good job with the self illumination - the textures do the trick very well.


Whoa ! that guys cool…he’d whop Master Cheif’s ass anyday


AndyH: The character is around 1.9 metres tall, and hes armoured. Thats one big bastard. :eek: Maybe he just makes the minigun look small??

Soon2bAnimator: I dunno . . . Master Chief is pretty hardcore . . it would be a tough battle. :buttrock:




Pfff, he’d have Master Chief for Breakfast :buttrock:


Another fantastic work. Great model and great mesh. Congratulations. :thumbsup:


Oha! I really like it! The gatling fits very well to the character!
Would like to see him in action.