nparticles vs particles


I was trying to use nparticles as a goal for particles but this seems to be a problem.
Is there any documentation on this subject I’ve missed?
Duncan, any thoughts about this?
For example I would like to use nparticles to fill the object, then copy nparticles to particles.
I’m aware all this can be done through mel scripting, but I was wondering if any of it exists.
And if anyone would be interested in such tools?




Out of interest, why would you want to do that?


Because of legacy of old software, tools, mel scripts and mainly plugins which don’t work on new version of maya.


Love the avatar btw. :wink:


You should be able to goal the traditional particleShape to an nParticleShape being that nParticles are derived from them. I’ve actually done that not too long ago.

Also, creating a script that creates locators at each nParticle position then converting those locators positions to traditional particles is a pretty simple script. I would post mine but I created it at work which might cause some problems. Feel free to ask any questions about creating the script (getParticleAttr, particle, and xform are the main commands that you would use).



It might not be too hard if all you care about is the position of the nParticles(computed from the fill action). You could loop over all nParticles on your object and do an emit call into the particles system using the particle positions.

Unfortunately we did not provide any scripts or commands for converting between the old and new systems.

Also note that some plugins and scripts should work OK with nParticles… plugins might need a recompile and scripts might need particle replaced with nParticle. NParticles derive from Particles in the code, so thus inherit attributes and will work through the existing particle API. Softbodies don’t work with nParticles but most other legacy behaviors do( there are still some bugs, however ).



Found tool called ncache to bin, then I could import them back via realflow plugin.
Reason: loads of particles, so I’d rather not double the number.
I would really like to be able to do more, since they both have good sides.
Maybe nparticle setup which would simulate complete dummy particles would be a good start,
but softbodies are quite nice tool, which could be replaced with ncloth, but again with ultra dummy setup. I tried to switch off everything on ncloth setup (I did not spend hours on it yet) which it could slow down, and just use components to follow other mesh, but that is way too slow.
I’m sure you have some extra solution for this, and I will slap myself and say “how did not think of that!”




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