nParticles: Goals UVs Distribution



Couldn’t find any easy/working method around the internet hopefully I could get an answer now.

I have several nParticle emitters which has one goal object.

Problem is all particles goes to specific vertices, while all the rest of the object left uncover…

I know there’s a way to play with goal UVs but couldn’t figure it out…




by default goaled particles will aim for the vertices. On the nParticle in the “Add Dynamic Attributes” tab > “General” > “Particle” add the attributes “goalU” and “goalV”. Now you need a creation expression on these attributes to give randomness to it:

nParticleShape1.goalU = rand(0,1); nParticleShape1.goalV = rand(0,1);

This depends on your UV layout. You may run into problems with overlapping UVs or poor layouts.



Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tried that before but the particles stuck when they go.

I’ve created a “0” text letter filled it with nParticles and set initial state. then when applying the goal with expression UV, the O particles make 1 step as an O shape and stop moving…

Any ideas?



As a workaround I just extracted the goals object to several geometries and set each to every goal.




the reason is, that creation expressions won’t work on existing particles. You may try to assign the goalU and goalV in the runtime before dynamics:

if(frame < 2){
goalU = rand(0,1);
goalV = rand(0,1);



Interesting. But when I’m adding the goal U,V attributes it’s already stops emitting, so where and how do I add the script exactly?




Does the particle count increase? Maybe the particles move within two frames from the emitter to the goal target.



Yes, it does on its way to the goal, but then stop after 1 step of calculations. No increasing particles because I set the rate to 0 after applying initial state.




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