nParticle Cache Problem 2009


well I’ve already fixed this but to let anyone know who might also have this problem…

maya 2009 64bit linux

nParticles with shape names different than their transform names

like “inst_debris_nParticle” shape name of “idps”

that won’t cache, well it will cache but it won’t play back anything. Change the names back to nParticle1 and nParticleShape1 and your fine.

maybe no one else will have this problem. I started doing that from an old weta guy’s tutorial from like 2005 to speed up script writing. Seems like maya no likey now. Anywho, might help save someone some frustration.


yeah i found that bug too…its the letters “id” it doesn’t like. currently there is no fix that im aware of other then to not use those letters together.


This was a weird one but is fixed in Maya2011. Basically if any of the cached channel names (“id” being a particularly common one to have in your name) were in the filename (derived from the particle system name) it had problems because of the way it encoded cache names then extracted the names from the strings.



ok nParticles is killing me with bugs in the cache! after days of complete confusion and frustrations a possible solution has been found. (I probably wrote this post 4 times only to find it breaks again!)

What I’m doing. Cache out nParticle instanced, clean the scene to just nParticles, solver, instancer, geo… test still works. Close, open, still works.
reference that into the lighting scene, test, works. Save, open, fail! (frozen particles all over as if it keeps the last frame of the sim for all frames and no longer reads anything else)
open unreference re-reference, and MAKE SURE TO SAVE ON FRAME 1 or a frame w/ no particles alive yet. Testing it on the farm now… fingers crossed!!


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