NOW OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 001


:sad: *bows down to your uber arty-good-ness


Blue demo,

Moi? Nah, it’s all fake. :slight_smile:

One thing I learned on the long road to artisticnicity copyright 2005 is that I really wasn’t that talented in comparison to my peers in school. This hit me like a ton of bricks, and trust me, I didn’t take it well or gracefully. But it did force me to work hard so I didn’t get my a** kicked on a daily basis. I would say that 90% of what I do is hard work, and 10% talent. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I only know a few lucky b******* :wink: who don’t have to work hard to get decent results. All the rest of us just have to do the work to get better. :wink:



Here’s how I’m getting on - this is the first time I’ve used my wacom in anger, unless Warcraft 3 counts.

Please let me know if i’m going along the right lines.



Andrew Loomis says pretty much the same thing in [b]Figure Drawing for all its worth[/b]. He claims he was "told to go home" after 2 weeks of art school. He also says that it annoyed him when people put down to talent, what infact was blood, sweat and tears on his part to climb the hill....

He is probably the most amazing illustrator I have ever seen - (or his idol Howard Pyle.)



That’s cool, I didn’t know that. Oh, trust me, I fully understand being completely intimidated by the guy or gal sitting next to you, happily creating a masterpiece seemingly effortlessly. It’s funny, because years and years after I had graduated, and I finally felt as though I had had a right to attend my school in the first place, I realized that many of the most talented folks in my class had had loads of pre-college preparation at top-notch institutions which I did not have access to. I did attend an arts magnet program in high school, but it was nothing on the level of what some of my peers had attended. I just had to work harder for longer, and in the end, I think I’ve outstripped some of those for whom school was just too easy. That’s why people who are older than you always tell you not to compare yourselves to others ~ that success is relative only to yourself, and is a long-term game. It’s impossible in practice, but in theory, it makes sense. :wink:

That’s why I just encourage people to show their work, no matter what their skill level. Number one, anyone who posts their work is guaranteed to improve, because they will see their work in a new light when compared to the work of others. Two, no one learns well in a vacuum, and part of the great thing about CGTalk is that artists don’t have to work in lonely isolation anymore. So I just encourage folks to utilize this as an opportunity to grow in their work without fearing that others will come down on them. So far, everyone has been great, and that has been greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:




Super schweet so far! Just hold that concentration…great stuff!!! :thumbsup:



Ok here is my try … its just old school paper&pencil nothing to fancy. Actually I’am quite dissapointed as it turned out :sad: … hmmm never mind here is my result anyway. I may try it later again on the computer hopefuly it will turn out better …

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I wouldnt be too disappointed with your result… The only things about this drawing one could really say is that maybe the wrinkle in the skin on her left shouldner and her right side dont look quite right and that her butt seems to be sitting up off the pedestal just a bit. Other than that, it looks quite solid,



Slux - as well as what Seraph said, you could try softening the muscle structure around her shoulder a little, I think that might help.



Hi thanks for crits … I know there is a lot of flaws … frankly I was quite tired (lazy) to work on that more so especially rendering isn’t very good :sad: … I may try to rework it a bit but its unlikely but I will try it draw again in Photoshop so hopefuly it will be better :smiley:

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hehe I may try it (we will see tomorrow :slight_smile: )… well but its not easy to soften it in pencil … its easy to darken it but not that easy to actually erase something what was already rendered … that also reason why my Photoshop pieces are usualy better because its really easy to fix all flaws :slight_smile: but I’am just beginner so there still may be some hope for me :scream:
btw thanks for your concern I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hi! First, my english is very bad, sorry :frowning:

So… here is my stretch:

(Comment and redesign if it necessery plz :wink: )
And I would like to say that I Loved the ideia of this Workshop!! Good work rebekka and hong ly!
I hope you continue posting more Workshops with Hongg Ly references!! The pictures are incredible!


Diogo_bc - hehe mine are always the same with face and hands left to last :slight_smile:
My only suggestion would be that perhaps her right breast should be a tiny bit higher up. Looking good though :thumbsup:


here’s mine… still have a lot to learn… heheh… great workshop… thanks rebecca…


Holy Cow! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Great work here folks! <<Crashing sounds as desk is cleared>>




Ooohhh…really nice so far. There are definitely problems, but I’m sure you can see what they are…it’s a matter of the medium, so I look forward to seeing your Photoshop work as well! I hope that someday Wacom tablets will simulate the feel of paper, or somehow simulate the feeling of traditionally done work ~ we’ll have to get those Wacom scientists working!

One thing I would note is the placement of the ear with respect to the side of her head. Look closely at the photograph and try to determine more accurately its position. It may be impossible to change traditionally, but digitally it should be no problem. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! Thank you for posting your work. Like I talked about with Queensoul’s work, I would try retracing your drawing (using tracing paper or Photoshop) and SIMPLIFYING the linework. Post your new drawing and we’ll critique that work as well! :slight_smile:


Really nice painterly feel and use of subdued tonal hues. This definitely has the feel of a traditional painting, done on a burnt sienna background and gradually brought to the fore.

One thing I would work on would be the edges. Some edges, like those around the bottom of her buttocks, should be softer. There are edges around the hands that so far feel a bit too crisp, and I would try to soften those as well. I would really play up the contrast between edge hardness and softness to complement your great use of tonality in the painting ~ one place where you can especially exploit this is the shadow of cast on her left buttock, which should be a relatively hard shadow. You can contrast this with a softer edge of the lower part of her buttock which will increase visual interest.

And, though I know you’re not finished, her left shoulder is getting a bit biggish. You might want to slim it down to match the size of her right.

Overall, once you refine the edges of this piece, it should be really great. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:


hahaha!!! :slight_smile: No time limits, no worries. :wink:



Ok, so here is my small WIP ~ my motto: when in doubt, blur. :slight_smile: Be gentle, people. :wink:




i really dont think its coming along so badly… but i must concur… blur is a crap artist’s best friend :slight_smile: looking forward to your finished piece… your work is awesome




Lol, the blur tool is indeed a crutch, but I felt I should at least post something since everyone else has :wink: and in its present state my painting is rather less than perfect ;).

Thanks for the compliment, and I hope my blur tool crutch will gradually fall away and I can run free like Forrest Gump! :scream:



Pencil sketch.