NOW OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 001


Is this thread just for digital art, or will it be ok to scan paper drawings and post them?
I’m not that great with my tablet yet (although this will be a good chance to practice) and I find I get better results by working at least initially on paper.


[gasps at the awsomeness of squibbit and stahlberg]



You can absolutely use any traditional or digital medium of your choice! In fact, I love traditional work and like to see people post their traditional drawings / paintings. So absolutely please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the quick reply Rebecca, I shall get to work then :thumbsup:


I’m sure Stahlberg would be willing to offer comments were he asked nicely and given brownies.

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Wow, if I’d known it were as simple as offering brownies to lure a Maya Master into posting, I would have checked out the Betty Crocker aisle sooner! :wink:

But seriously, Senor Stahlberg, please feel free to jump in and offer advice on this and any thread in the Anatomy forum. :slight_smile:


EDIT: Just don’t scare away the noobies! We likes the noobies. :slight_smile: Was that creepy? :scream:


Mmm… brownies…


hahahaha!!! Ok, enough spamming. Back to work with ye! :slight_smile:




referring to my earlier post, “Plip Plop”
is the sound of random texture layers
falling on a crappy sketch :slight_smile:



here´s my try (I´ve choosen the first pose)


Be quiet Subconcious, I’m showing people my stuff. You stay out of it for once.

This was kind of a challenge for me, I’m not used to working with pictures that are this saturated or this blown out. I found it really really hard to suggest surface angle on some of the places that are bright any value change is microscopic.

I was trying to apply what I could remember from the life drawing short course I did way back and the useful words of Richard Schmid since I haven’t used them in a while and I’ve been wanting to get back into using human reference lately. I felt like a bit of an idiot trying to measure of the screen with a pencil though. It seems to work better when using a whole person and a much bigger piece of paper. Still seem to be having trouble picking colours, I think my picture should be redder.

I did this at the same size as the original photo so you’ll have to excuse any aliasing that appears. Unfortunately my favourite Painter brush (the oil pastel) doesn’t like being used at small sizes and produces jagged lines.

Anyway, the pencil version, which I think may have taken longer than it should have (hour maybe). My own fault for wanting it to be accurate…and being slow.

And the painted version. I’m hoping to go back for the background later but its 2am here and the heavy metal’s starting to wear off.

Rebecca, are any more of the pictures going to have that watermark on them? I can understand the reason for it being there but it kept throwing my ability to pick the value in some areas. I could just be being picky though, its happened before.


Guys, I don’t want to be the only one posting comments here, but I will respond to belail’s question about the watermark. The photos are the property of Hong Ly and he did put the watermark on the photos for good reason. I can ask him about maybe reducing their opacity or something, but I respect his right to copyright his work in the manner which he feels is appropriate. It’s amazing in the first place that he has procured permission from the models to post their images online; the potential for abuse of intellectual property is great, and photos of nude models? There’s just too much risk involved for these images NOT to be watermarked in some way.

In truth, I was working from the images last night, and at first, the watermarks bothered me. But after a while, I just stopped noticing them.

I’ll ask Hong about it though. :slight_smile:

Great posts, by the way! Keep up the great work guys!!! :slight_smile:



wow… all of these are great, belail, your colour one is coming on really nicely, and libor the linework on your sketch s lovely, though the shading in the crook of her back looks a little flat. You may well be working further on it, so ignore my comments if so.
Squibbit, gorgeous gorgeous work on the texture, it almost looks like something straight out of the old renaissance, were it not for the demon wings and horns. Her left leg (as we look) seems to be short in comparison to her thigh, but there is some foreshortening, so maybe thats to blame.

And now I’m rambled over everyone elses, here’s my effort, done in PS 6 with a wacom in about 2.5 hours, working with only three colours and the background colour. I’m moderately happy with it and really enjoyed the experience. And rebecca… I really wanna see your efforts too missus… get posting! :smiley:



competition…too…stiff…must…call…for backup… :smiley:

Great work!!! :thumbsup:



I hope WIPs are OK:



Wow, starting to look really nice, the lower half of the body is really shaping up nicely. Please keep the painterly feel, and don’t render the heck out of the thing. Your drawings have the same nice painterly quality to them which I personally prefer to a highly polished look (though it just depends on the piece).

Nice color sense too, you may want to offset all of the warm colors with just a touch of the cool here and there for contrast.

Great work so far, WIPs are fine with me so long as there aren’t a zillion of them and they show real progress! :slight_smile:



Oi! I figured I’ll never get any help if I keep chickening out. This was done with paper and H pencil. Background in charcoal. I’ll keep working on it in photoshop during the workshop. Boy I cant wait for school to start so I can at least learn the correct way of doing these things.



Does the wave ~ Cool beans!!! Thank you for braving the horrible beasts who frequent these forums and posting your work! :wink: ~Nah, everyone here is cool, so I’m really happy to see you post! :slight_smile:

I’m going to withhold comments until you tweak a bit in Photoshop. Things change drastically, so I’m just going to bite my tongue for the time being. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your update!



bwaaa don’t you dare :smiley: That is the only reason I publicly humiliated myself. So you guys can show me how to make it better. A month ago I didnt even know I could get this far. So get to whispering to me :smiley:

EDIT: I have noticed some definite areas myself. Like the legs look too short to me. I have measure it over and over again and it matches the picture but It looks wrong wrong wrong.


Anyone feel free to jump in here! :slight_smile: Nudie picture reviews for me will have to wait until I go home. :slight_smile:




I couldn’t ignore the outraged sound of bwaaa! :scream: so I jimmied up a little review which I hope you will find useful. :slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to trace, either traditionally or digitally, your image and refine and simplify your linework, not worrying about background shading yet. As you successively trace and simplify, you will gain more confidence with your linework ~ I can draw much more easily after that first initial sketch which is almost always for me a throwaway sketch, a way to get past that psychological barrier of fear. People often think that they have to get things right on the first try, but what is the principle behind that? Practice makes perfect, so always rework stuff you don’t feel worked out the first time.

Something I did after I graduated was to retrace a LOT of my old crappy drawings (using tracing paper), just to soothe my ego and feel that I actually DID know something about drawing. What I found when I made the leap to digital art was that it wasn’t a matter of me not knowing how to see, but it was a matter of the level of undos which you lack in traditional media, which, in some cases, can only be pushed so far. I found that doing a LOT of work which didn’t always turn out so pretty in the end, wasn’t so much building a Raphaelian portfolio so much as training my eye to see ~ such that, with the leap to digital work, I was so well-trained to work hard at getting results from the limitations of tradtional work, I was pleasantly surprised to find that indeed I was not retarded and could achieve much more and go much further digitally. Go figure. :slight_smile: The long and short of it ~ don’t be afraid to work and rework your drawings. The end result is not the purpose. The purpose is to train your eye to see. That is why they say that the better traditional artist you are, the better digital artist you will be. :slight_smile:


[left]Ah, my boss has gone home, I can critique nude pictures until the cows come home! Or something. :rolleyes: