NOW OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 001


[b]NOW OPEN!!!

           [/b] [left]Welcome to the Inaugural thread of the [b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop!!! [/b]I am truly excited about this, and am very grateful to good friend and old Art Center chum [color=PaleGreen][b]Hong Ly,[/b] with whom I spent many hours in the Open Figure Drawing Workshops from 6:45 - 9:00 pm back in our art school days. 
       [/color] [center][img][/img]

I had the idea for this thread, but was unsure how to procure decent photographs ~ but, having reconnected with Hong in LA during SIGGRAPH after many years, I discovered that he was an accomplished photographer who already had taken model reference photos for use on his website, dedicated to [color=LemonChiffon]Character Art and Design,[color=#fffffe] at which Hong is an accomplished professional. It is lucky for us here at CGTalk that Hong has agreed to be a part of this community and to allow us to use his photographs as model reference. Thank you very much, Hong! :slight_smile:

           [/color][/color] [b][color=Yellow][u]>>RULES FOR THE THREADS<<[/u]
           [/color][/b] [left]1. Photographs are the property of Hong Ly and are copyrighted as such.
              2. Photographs are [color=PaleGreen][b]NOT[/b] to be used for [b]ANY[/b] other purpose apart from Figurative Drawing Reference for[b] this thread[/b] on CGTalk.  
            3. The drawings created from the photo reference provided here [b]MUST [/b]be[b] TASTEFUL,[/b][b] SINCERE, RESPECTFUL, [/b]and for the purpose of serious study of the human figure. Those who post silly, disrespectful, or tasteless work will have their [b]posts deleted immediately
          [/b][/color]and will no longer be allowed to post on this thread. Hong Ly, Rebecca Kimmel, and Roberto Ortiz reserve the right to determine which drawings are considered to be in poor taste and / or disrespectful to the model/s, who have generously agreed to allow their images to be used on the condition that they be used for the tasteful and [color=LemonChiffon][b]serious study of Figurative Art only.  [/b][/color]
            4. There is[b] [color=PaleGreen]NO TIME LIMIT[/b] for posting on this thread. 
  1. New threads containing new photographs will be posted on a bi-weekly basis, depending on the number of photographs available.

            6. There is [b]NO LIMIT [/b]to the [b]NUMBER [/b]of posts an artist may make. However, we ask that you post only [b]your[/b] [b]BEST WORK,[/b] even if it is considered unfinished.
            7. Artists who post comments and critiques of other artists' work on this thread must be [b]RESPECTFUL, POLITE, [/b]and offer [b]CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.[/b] [b]Flaming [/b]will be [b]NOT [/b]be tolerated, and constitutes dismissal from this and other threads.
  2. Hong Ly has generously offered his time to critique work on occasion; however, with a full-time job and a demanding schedule, he will not be able to answer everyone’s requests for assistance. He has agreed, however, to stop by the threads when he has time to offer comments and critique. Hong is a great guy and incredibly generous ~ however, please respect his time. I will also be offering the occasional comments / critique ~ however, the main focus of the Open Figure Drawing Workshop threads should be on Group Critique and interaction. :slight_smile:

          9.[b] ANY MEDIUM [/b]or [b]STYLE[/b] may be used: Traditional or Digital Drawing or Painting, Gestural, Sketch, Finished Render, etc.
  3. EDIT: 3D Artists who wish to use the reference for 3D models are free to do so. I just ask that you post your work here as well as in any 3D forum in which you post your work.

  4. Please limit the SIZE of your [color=PaleGreen]POSTS [/color]to [color=PaleGreen]600 pixels WIDTH[/color] x Appropriate pixel LENGTH. No huge posts, please!

  5. Have fun, enjoy, and create great art! :slight_smile: [/color]

      [center][b][color=PaleTurquoise]LINKS to Photographs: WARNING: Nudity:[/color][/b][u][b]


      [/b][/u] [left]Good luck! :)

[center]Hong’s Website is Now Open!


           ~Rebeccak and Hong Ly


A sketch painting, 2 hours or so. Thank you for the reference :slight_smile:



Wow, no way! Already! thanks for being the first to post. :slight_smile:

Will you be working more on this piece and reposting? Bear in mind that there is no time limit.:slight_smile:



Yeah, definitely. I didn’t have a lot of time tonight to work, but i wanted to get started. I appologize if it isn’t finished enough.



Oh, no apologies necessary!! :slight_smile: I’m thrilled that you are the first to post. :slight_smile: I just think it’s generally more useful when someone tells me to go a bit further than to tell me my work is beautiful and finished. :wink: ~ I hope you didn’t take this the wrong way! :slight_smile: Your work is really cool, but I just like folks to post updates of their work as they go along. You’ll see this all over the forum ~ as folks work more on their pieces, they post updates ~ it helps everyone else to learn. That’s all I meant. :slight_smile:


As an example, check out [color=PaleGreen]Slux’s continuous posts on the Lesson 003 thread here. Everyone who has posted so far is listed in Post #2, under Individual Posts. Slux had a great piece to begin with, but just kept refining and refining until his piece was darn near perfect. :slight_smile: I’m not suggesting everyone post this many, I’m just pointing Slux out as an example of someone who refined his work over time, which was really cool to see. :)[/color]



[left]Well, admittedly so far mine sucks, but hopefully with time and shame will come improvement. Here goes. :slight_smile:

[left]So far she’s got a seal flipper for a left arm, but with the addition of shoulders, she should be ship-shape. :slight_smile:

[left] Shame me, people. Do your worst! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok, I couldn’t bear the suckiness of my piece, so au revoir! :slight_smile: It will be back up when my ego has recovered. :wink:



Stahlberg brought up a great point, which is that 3D artists ought to be able to post as well. BY ALL MEANS, if you are a 3D artist and wish to create models based off of the photo reference here, DO SO! :slight_smile:

Thanks to Steven for pointing that out. :slight_smile:



Heres my try, quick sketch Be for I go to sleep.



Nice work! I’m off to snooze happy land myself. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:



BY ALL MEANS, if you are a 3D artist and wish to create models based off of the photo reference here, DO SO!

Okay, in that case, here’s my first test, obviously unfinished, if I get time I’ll try to work some more on this

Maya, about 1 hour, Photoshop (smudging hairshadow), about 1 minute


photoshop, stahlberg? real nice work



Just on my way to work, but really want to make an effort with this…my life and figure drawing is somewhat lacking due to the fact I’ve never taken classes… Here is a quick study 15 mins…

I know I have proportion probs…I My mind tends to draw what it thinks it see’s and actually not what it see’s…hopefully I will improve :)…all C&C welcome, rip me appart.

Gotta go…gonna be late :slight_smile:



Squibbit: thanks… no that’s 3d


ah, that’s what i guessed at first,
but then one never knows with talents like u … :slight_smile:



Want to draw…but must do work first…:sad:


This workshop is coming along nicely.



Schweet Holy Moly! And I thought he was kidding! :wink:

Awesome!!! It is not often you get a Maya Master to post on your thread… :applause:


Ooh, the back looks really good so far and I like the way the hair is smudged. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:


Coolness, no? :slight_smile:


Oh no!!! Yep, I understand… :slight_smile: Guilt Guilt Guilt :wink:


Looks good so far, I would just offset the curves more to emphasize volume. :slight_smile:

~Awesome work so far guys! :thumbsup: This thread is so going to rock!



plip plop

uh, sorry i never read the rules so if there’s something wrong with it, just take it away


Okay here’s the update, I had enough time for a few more hours. Maya, linear Smooth Proxy, about 3600 polygons unsmoothed.

Good work you guys!
edit: Squibbit nice one! :slight_smile:



You did that just for this thread? cries Fantastic work!!! :thumbsup:


Crowd emits Ooohs Ahhhs :slight_smile: Awesomeness! Thanks for posting the wireframe too, that’s super cool to see. This is great! I’m really happy to see 3D stuff here as well! I think it probably would make for great practice to continuously pose models in positions matching photo reference. Schhhhweet!!!


Ok, guys/gals, I don’t want you to think that this thread is for pros only. :slight_smile: It’s great to have Stahlberg post his work, but don’t let that scare you away from posting your own.

This thread and future threads are for beginners and professionals alike. I’m sure Stahlberg would be willing to offer comments were he asked nicely and given brownies. :slight_smile: