novice needs help


Hello all,

I am fairly new to maya. I know how to render to an avi movie using Maya software settings or using mental ray to render image sequences. My problem is I would like to use the image sequence renders from mental ray as a movie. I’ve looked to see if MR would render to FMV but it doesn’t.

What is the most efficient way to turn the image sequence from MR to an avi file?

I mean importing 300 frames to After Effects or other NLE software to make a 10sec animation @ 30fps is just plain tedious.

I also understand that there is a way to import camera movements into After Effects, can someone please shed some light on this process?

Wouldn’t the importing the camera into After Effects be the most efficient way to go?

Thank you in advance for the help and advice,


To make an uncompressed AVI out of an image sequence get virtuadub and load the sequence then save as AVI
its faster then anything else I’ve used and easy


Thanks much HowardB, I had a duh moment when i realized windows movie maker is capable of converting bmp(s) into an avi. Even though movie maker supports tiff files, i am not sure if the program supports alpha channels.

However I am still interested in importing maya workspace into after effects - specifically camera movements…this would make life easier…

now back to removing virii i got from

***bewarned of the elitemediapro.exe virus - it is evil
***hopefully it didn’t kill my HDD


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