November's Challenge


It November 1st and time for a new challenge. For this month the pantomime animation challenge has been chosen and the verdict is: Pushing/pulling a heavy object. Use your time wisely and good luck to anyone who chooses to rise to the challenge.

For anyone who doesn’t know of a site to host their WIPS I suggest trying Vimeo or Youtube. They are both very reliable video hosting websites and most people have access to them.

          The Rules Are:

[li]Make all the WIPS in Playblast form, then if you choose you can create your final piece in a more robust renderer (NOT necessary, you can still post the final with a playblast).[/li][li]All animations should last at least 10 seconds long, that way there will be more clarity with what is going on.[/li][li]All animations should last NO longer than 12 Seconds.[/li][li]All participants must show there work-in-progress before posting the final.[/li][li]DO NOT add any audio.[/li][li]HAVE FUN!!! :buttrock:[/li][/ol]


Hey eveyone

I am going to try my best to fit in this months challenge
I should have the time for it
My work is slowing down for me so I don’t see a problem with it.

I have done about 3 or 4 hours of work on this
I am doing the animaiton as I go I didn’t do a bocking pass.
Trying this out to see if it helps me better

I am just getting to the pull part of the animation


when is the deadline?


The Dead line for the final animations is at the end of the month at midnight. (GMT -7)


Here’s the first pass of my push animation. I’ll keep working on it and probably post more in the future.


Well I started my animation already and I am now starting to think that I should have planned the action a little better.

** I don’t want to go back to the drawing bored!!!**

We will see what I can make of this one. At least I already know that I learned something from this project. PLAN AHEAD!!! :banghead: Lol


Alright fellow animators,

Here is my 2nd animation

You get to see the whole idea in this one.
Its pretty rough still and the next few passes will all be
working out the timing and polishing it up.

Hope you enjoi

Let me know what you think


Hi everyone
Finally I have decided to take part in this session.
This is my first WIP I haven’t did any cleanups only keyed the poses.
I will like to hear the critics and as it is my first WIP it is rough key poses I will post cleaned up one in my next post.


Hi Parikang, I am happy to see your participation in our challenge as I am sure the rest of the participants are. I hope to see more from you in the future.

As for your animation, I see a lot of motion in the hands when they should be planted on the box, but I am sure that I am not telling you anything that you haven’t already noticed. So good luck on completing your animation this month. I really like what I see from you so far.


Here is my first Blocking pass for this month.

C&C is welcome I will be cleaning it up as much as possible through out the month.


Thanks splinter for your comment and critic and I will definitely fix the problem in my next post.
And I liked your blocking too good going!



it is my first blocking pose :slight_smile:


Hi Bobi877 I really like what I see so far in your first entry. The only thing that I could think of, is around the 8 second marker your character is getting up and I think it would help more if you had his line of action in the pose be in the opposite direction. It might help make the rise from the object feel more natural. Although you might prove me wrong in your next post. Either way good luck I hope to see your animation in the “Finals” Thread.



I would like to enter this , please.
Also went through the videos … good work guys


Welcome to the animation mini-challenge Franzboas. I hope to see something from you soon. Good luck. :thumbsup:


Got to put in a handfull of hours on this to just smooth things out a litte more
Let me know what you think

I will be smoothing it out more and and working on the face more next time.


it is next blocking pose. I think the next will be final.


A little update of some cleanup



Hey there, I think on your next pass you could work on how the hands are reacting to the pushes. Make them close more when he is really pushing.
And at the end I feel that like dip out to where he stands up straight is a bit odd.

Hope this helps as you clean up more on it.
Keep up the good work.


I really like how yours is turning out there.
One thing and I am sure you already see it is.
Watch were your hands are going
They don’t stay on the box they jump around a bit
Other then that I feel like its turing out good.

I would love to see what you guys think of mine and what i can improve on.
If my feedback you feel is in the wrong let me know.
And you don’t have to take what i say of course
Just trying to make us all better here.


Hey everyone. I’ll be posting my WIP hopefully tomorrow. I know it is a bit late, but I have tons of time to work on it this weekend and all week next week, so I should be good.

Anyway Mr. Mike, I noticed you weren’t getting any crits yet so I thought I would share a few observations to help you out. First off I like the over all animation so far, just a few things bugged me. The crouch is a little bit unnatural. I think it would benefit very much if you had him put a knee down or something to stabilize him, especially when he pulls it. I really like the last pull, it looks like you pushed it a lot further than the first attempt. I know he is pulling harder the second time, but you really need to sell the force he is using and get that good silhouette. I think it would help if you flattened his right hand against the safe a bit more, and made it look as though he is using that hand for leverage. As he is pulling, his right arm should be, if not totally, almost straight with his shoulder forward like he is pushing on it, and his left arm would be slightly angled with his left shoulder back. Don’t be afraid to really push those poses, a little stretch goes a long way in pulling off weight and force. That’s really all that I noticed, very good so far.

Parikang yours looks very nice, but I think your biggest problem is the animation curves. If you get those smoothed out a bit more your hands should be almost, if not totally, fixed, and you would be well on your way.

yours is turning out great. I agree with Mr. Mike, however, if you got the hands more clenched and the last “dip” fixed it should be a great final animation.

I hope this helps, or at least gives you a good idea, and I am looking forward to posting my animation here tomorrow.