November 2002 Challenge is now over - PLEASE READ!


Hello guys, I’ll like to thank you ALL for participatiing in our beta test run for this months challenge. The challenge site has been handling itself very well and the artist database is steadily growing, which is awesome!

This month’s challenge is officially over and we’ll be taking a break till January 1st 2003, so we can spend quality time with our family and friends over the holiday season without worrying about deadlines :wink:

All submission gates are now closed and member voting will soon begin. The winners will then be chosen by the council and they will be issued the prizes supplied by our sponsors.

Everyone put fourth a great effort this month and I may just issue a couple more categories to help and motivate those challengers that really try hard… think “most improved challenger” or “most helpful challenger” this is what makes these challenges what they are :slight_smile:

So everyone get out your clicking fingers, because voting will soon be on.

salud and Happy Holidays, cya all next year.


Originally posted by lildragon
B so we can spend quality time with our family and friends (…)[/B]

But my family is terrible… I need that challenge!


yeah me too :slight_smile:

ey jero maybe you can sponsor a holidays mini challenge for the inclined…


Like this one?

I’ll move it to “finished”…


Becasue I am on vacation with no easy (cheap)web access I posted my entry two days ago. But when I check the CGchallenge site the entry is gone.

Come on guys I worked on the piece for a solid month.
Where is it?

-Roberto Ortiz


[…] and member voting will soon begin. The winners will then be chosen by the council and they […]

well, is it something like United States Presidential Voting System?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I expect January’s subject has been fixed by now but just in case is hasn’t what about:
Model a character that lives in Middle Earth, nothing copied from the films your own imagination.
I don’t know about anyone else here but I’m so inspired by TTT that I’d love to do something associated with it.


Just took a little look in the challenge section and yep i like to say i would love to do the theme given by clanger.
Not copy anything that was allready there but do something on your own. Seen the movie last night and been drawing elben characters the whole day.

Maybe i need to take out the books again and find a char i like to model. Just my idea. I hopefully get a PC until then.
My maschine is still in service.

happy holidays so far


i just hope the next challenge will set only the subject
and not the style (“toon”)


One more day, right!! :bounce: :bounce:

Let’s hear the new topic!:beer:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


amen mr lee

lets see some challenge action


Challenge,challenge,it’s challenge time. When oh when? Thank-you for your time.:wink: :beer:


Patience,Patience I know everyone is geared up for the next challenges, and we’ll have it going very soon I assure you, look for the new topics this week, or next Monday, pulling the team together after the holidays is very hard :stuck_out_tongue:



maybe put this on a new thread??..just so it’s easier for all to see

just a thought