Novel Textures


Thought I’d start a thread here at cgsociety to get some feedback and thoughts on some of the work I’ve done in the texturing realm.

Most recently a quite detailed organic noise has got my attention. Built from scratch using the Filter Forge bomber and loop, the custom multifractal erosion effect is unlike anything I’ve seen to date. Certainly more artistic than practical, but nonetheless it does seem just a matter of checking all 30000 + seeds to find an abstract representation of any scene from any movie.

Full image:


About this time last year I roughly licked fluvial erosion in Filter Forge:


An animation of the above heighmap:


My specialty being surface design and texturing, I haven’t spent too much time refining my modeling and 3d skills. However Mathematica, Lightwave, Grasshopper, Substance Designer, and Blender each have respectively taken a good bit of the last 20 years of my R&D time.


More recent esoterica:


Further examples of the refining of the erosion process more fully developed over the past year:


Pt 2 Erosion


A couple recent FF fluvial renders:


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