Notre Dame de Paris :Growing by myself 2, Olivier Defaye (3D)


Title: Notre Dame de Paris :Growing by myself 2
Name: Olivier Defaye
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I create this image for the cover of a japanese magazine : Cg world (
It is the second of a series of 3 images with the same Idea : The building we made are now growing by themself.
This idea is already use in a short film we made with friend, you can see this shortfilm here :
For this images, i begin by shootingNotre Dame de Paris with a good camera (Nikon D3). I choose a good picture and i began to draw the layout in photoshop.
When i was satisfied, i began to work in max.
Compositing and paintover are made in photoshop.
Hope you like it
Credit : olivier defaye, christophe defaye, AOKI ( CG World .


Wow,amazing man!
Very nice!
Congratz 5 stars!


Hi ! Salut !
I think that you ve got a problem with light direction on your image. I really can’t tell where it comes from, and the shape of the cathedral is really difficult to read. This problem is particullary visible on the lower level of the cathedral, where the shadows are stretch, and not projected, like if shadows were part of the texture. And the projected cloud shadow on the entire cathedral doesn’t help to read the shape neither. I’d like to see wires to see what is photo and what is 3D.


here some wire…


very impressive :slight_smile:


Impressive indeed, nice work man!

GrtZ, Tim


wow, lot of detail. great job mate.


Great work. :thumbsup:


Great job. The one crit I would have is that the buildings to the left of the image seem to be distorted almost as if they were on the edge of a photo taken with a fish eye lens… (the perspective seems off) But other than that great job!


A prodigious architectural concept. Amazing.


great work! bravo…


great job.
keep it up.


very very cool modeling i like it very much

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Very nice design. what the next ?


Very nice design. what is the next ?


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