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Intervain is running an awesome 3D Workshop here:

Click link or picture to participate! :slight_smile:

3d Sculpting Workshop - Old Age


[left]‘Old’ friend Kevin Chen has started up an awesome new Concept Art Academy in Pasadena. Click the link below to find out more details! :slight_smile:


Intervain’s fantastic 3d Workshop has concluded, and the best work from it may be seen here:

SPOTLIGHT: BEST of 3d Sculpting Workshop - Old Age

[left]Be sure to suggest ideas for the next 3D Workshop here:

[center]3D Sculpting Workshops - ideas for the next workshop!



[left]Intervain is running an awesome 3D Workshop here -

[center]Click link or picture to participate! :slight_smile:


3D Sculpting Workshop - MOTION



Sharpen your pencils and dust off your Wacoms, because there is going to an awesome 2D Workshop coming in 2008…prepare yourselves! :slight_smile:


[color=Orange]>>>OFDW 022: Jan. 10, 2008 - Feb. 25, 2008<<<[/color]

[left]It’s on! It’s been a year since I’ve last run an OFDW, and it’s time this bad boy is back on. Hoping to see a lot of great entries from you 2D Artists! :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

Just wanted to hear your feedback on what you would like to see here in the Tutorials and Workshops Forum.

Please post your ideas and suggestions >>here<<, thank you!


Now Open!!!

[center]>>Open Figure Drawing Workshop - HANDS - 023<<



Now Open!!!

>>>3D Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE
with Anandpg<<<


For Anandpg’s 3D Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE, I have created the thread below which is a compilation of the References linked so far by Workhop participants - please continue to add your own references for the Workshop!

Reference Resources for 3D Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE

Please post your reference links both here to the Workshop thread and to the above thread if possible, so we can find your links! :slight_smile:


Anandpg’s models are now available on Gnomonology! Click previous link or image below to be taken to Anandpg’s area of the site:


[left]Anand works as a Senior Modeler in Ittina Animation Studios, Bangalore, India, and also gives 3d modeling lessons at Takshaa, the animation academy affiliated to Ittina. He holds a BFA degree with specialization in sculpture from the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, India.
Big congrats to Anand, this is really deserved! :slight_smile: [/left]


[left]BODYWORLDS 3 contacted me about this great opportunity for artists - originally these sessions were going to be shorter but they were kind enough to listen to my suggestion to lengthen each session to 4 hours each:

"Attached is info on the Artist Nights that we'll be hosting at the BODY
WORLDS 3 exhibit at the California Science Center, [b]Wed., July 23 and Thurs.,
July 31 -- both sessions are 5:00-9:00 p.m.[/b]

During these sessions, artists and students (age 18+) are invited to sketch
the exhibition's human anatomy specimens alongside live figure drawing
models. There's a $2-off discount for each night, making each admission
$16.95, and we'll have free mini-posters for people that attend both nights."

Be advised that parking is about $4 in cash.

>>Click here for the link to the California ScienCenter, where BODYWORLDS 3 is being exhibited<<.



Gnomon Resident Artist Ryan Kingslien has posted a great new Tutorial thread for ZBrush users which everyone should check out - click link or image to be taken to the Tutorial thread:

Sculpting Face Anatomy in ZBrush


Not so much an announcement for a Workshop, but I thought that this would be of interest. I’ve created a blog for the forum for those with an interest but not necessarily the time to keep up with the posts on the Anatomy Forum. Here I’ll be highlighting some of the good work that is posted to the forum, along with Anatomy related information that you may find interesting. Check it out and subscribe for updates! Happy New Year! :slight_smile:
Artistic Anatomy Forum Blog



Imaginative Figure Workshop #001: Self Portrait As A Creature

Join in!!! :bounce:


Hey everyone,

I’m extending the deadline for the IFW #001 to next Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009 which gives everyone an extra week to work on and polish up their entries for the Workshop.

Please ONLY POST YOUR BEST WORK to the Workshop thread, and not multiple WIPs with very few changes. I’m removing the posting limit which didn’t seem to work for the Workshop format (hey, we’re human) :slight_smile: but kindly respect that the Workshop has a large group and only so many key WIP images are necessary to post before your final.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far, there have really been some amazing entries!


Hi folks,

I’ve set up a poll if you want to vote for the Topic for the upcoming Imaginative Figure Workshop #002:

Ideas For IFW #002 / What Topic Do You Want To See For Imaginative Figure Workshop #002?

[left]Vote! :slight_smile:


Imaginative Figure Workshop #002: Post-Apocalyptic Survival Bunny

Now Open! (Opening a little early - please feel free to continue to post to IFW #001) - Click link or image above to be taken to the Workshop!


Imaginative Figure Workshop #003: Unusual Pets & Their Unusual Owners

Now Open! - Click link or image above to be taken to the Workshop!

4 Week Workshop!



For the (still) interested, I will be test running a Monthly Challenge on Facebook here: 


Check it out if you like! 

Please note that you must "Share" the linked post to enter the Challenge.

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