Why don’t you take your relentless fighting for a piece of software, somewhere else? Way to derail this thread and continue spreading the poison.


Thomas, seriously dude, stop being a troll…

There was some BS dropped on this thread, and I called it out, that is all… just like I’m doing now.


Give it a rest, dude.




LOL. Thomas, you’re hilarious… Ever since you threw a fit and jumped ship a few years ago, the only time you post here is to troll and bait… My bad for allowing myself to be baited… but seriously, your perspective on this is way out of balance, and wholly inaccurate.

If you want to continue this little chat, take it to PM’s. Calling me out here needlessly is just fanning a fire, and doing service to nothing but your own ego.

I’ll respond to no further comments from you here.


**** edit **** almost let myself get baited by another troll… I won’t let that happen… Apologies.




Thanks Srek. Every time I have an issue I’ll search through forums and you would have answered it -


I remember after cloth came out and I was experimenting with a way to use it to create ripples of water as an object went through…Srek was genuinely interested enough to give expresso help and make solving a problem fun. Hopefully he will take a break for a year or so and come back refreshed to a new set of people to help. Cheers Srek, you made a huge positive impact and can channel that elsewhere with freed up time. I think your blog could be really popular again, all the expresso knowledge, etc. just a thought it may be a better outlet for you. Allows you to continue to give to the c4d community without the hassle.


Jesus this thread is embarrassing. Can we really not control ourselves better than this? This thread isn’t about R17 or features – no matter what your stance. Can we just show the guy a little respect and say thanks and keep any comments to having some empathy and understanding (again regardless of your stance)?


hear hear . . . This thread should only be about Srek’s stepping down as FL. yes subjects brought up in this thread and the tone this thread has degenerated to are the catalyst of his stepping down. if y’all must create another thread where you can attack each other, but please have respect for Srek and others giving him the just credit he deserves.


I can’t say i waited for this to happen, i am still way to optimistic for that, but somehow i am not surprised.
Thanks to everyone who did not bait (much) over time and all those who just kept on helping and creating.


You’re absolutely right, and for my part, I apologize for not being able to contain my BS meter, and subsequently allowing myself to get baited into an exchange with a troll. I should know better, but I am a passionate sort, and sometimes that overrules my better judgement to just say silent on things…

Srek, I mean no disrespect.


Thank you for all your help over the years!


Björn, sorry to see you leave but I can fully understand your decision. You were going way outside the scope of your job and took a lot of your personal time to help run things here. Thanks for all this years…


Hey Björn, its sad you leave CGS (as FL). But Totally understand. I hope this does not mean you leave the Forum completely. For me you where allways the face of MAXON…even if that was not your official role. Maybe that is also part of the Problem as people never seemed to get that what you do here is personal and not professional.
Well…thank you for holding position for so long time…enjoy the rest outside of this heated Forum. cheers, Holger


Not at all, i plan to remain active, very likely not as much as before though.


Really sad to see you go Björn, but fully understand.

I often say I’m from the class of CGtalk and you were one of the greatest teachers, your patience is somewhat legendary.

Thanks for all you’ve done, see you round the forums! :beer:



Boy, I miss the forums for a weekend and I come back to this sad news. :frowning:

Sorry to see you go, Björn. I’m especially sorry to know that the trouble of the forum got you down. I know that online forums and such can be a downer. Sometimes I just pull away for a while and it helps.

Stay in touch on the positive threads. There are still plenty of those.


Totally bad news. We owe you a lot overhere. Sad that things are what they are and times are changing for the bad at this forum it seems. I remember one chrismas when we all wear our X-mas hats in our avatars. Adam T is still wearing his one. Good memories.
I wish you all the best and am very glad to hear you are staying with Maxon with a very positive attitude.

To the future! :beer: