nothing is forever


well… this is my idea of a future landscape…


new image with correction and adjustments at:


I like it but why did u put this tower in the center?

It kinda rune the rest totaly.

Anyway if you remove the tower u may even win the contest…


Hi… first of all, sorry for my bad english! I dont understand your question, all the work is founded around the Chrysler building, around the idea that all is recyclable into the future…
but may be that I dont understand the contest theme…




I like it!
good details!

Good Luck!




Great idea and quality pic…




your explanation got my imagination going…i was thinking imagine water levels going so high that you had to extend around the top…this changes things for sure. very good work :slight_smile:


hmm…looks like a oiL refinery…Rig


Like your concept. It’s a good entry, compliments!


hi guys…
I made some corrections and additions to my image but I dont know how to replace the first post… I need a little help!
Thanks at all…



My first impression was that NY had flooded, as the guy above stated. If you want to convey the recycling of buildings without explanation, you may want to emphasis that point a little more. It’s a great piece of art though, no matter the circumstances.


uhm… probably my bad english is the cause of this misunderstanding… my explanation was for DesigneGr, ideed hoped there was need… If NY had flooded (right) I imagine that men living in the few places left out of the water and they would use all the materials available.
thanks anyway for your words.


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