Ive lost count the number of times Ive dragged the notes bar down in the attribute editor.

Anyone know of a way to switch it off or tell Maya to remember to keep the notes dividing bar down at the bottom.



I’m totally with you mate. Most annoying thing (especially since I can’t remember ever having used the thing).


This is the worst thing ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is quick fix.

Put this in userSetup.mel

layout -e -vis 0 AEaddOrEditNotesLayout;


Thanks ginodauri! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great tip! Here I was thinking I just had to live with it.


np :slight_smile:

I explored whole structure of attribute editor , and made image with UI hierarchy so i can attach my controls to AE.

Another tip is that autohotkey , comes with little app “window spy” which tells you names of controls under pointer etc , so it is very easy to get some specific ui name and edit it.


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