Note: Toon Shader (imported models)


I’m modeling in modo I[/I] and animating in Maya I[/I] using the Toon shader. I exported the same model as .obj, .fbx, and .ma. I’m getting different results for each file format. Luckily the .ma file format is fine.

As you can see I am using regular default Toon fills and outlines. I would like to know why the .obj file format is giving me weird artifacts (indicated in red), other than that it would be fine. The .fbx file format is completely off.

I have something to work with, which is great, but I’m still going to investigate the issue with .obj and .fbx. Has anyone tried to import models into Maya (for Toon shading purposes) and produced similar or different results? And maybe found a working solutions? Is there an attribute that I can tweak to get the .obj format to work like the Maya ASCII file format?


The toon lines are a bit like a poly diagnostic draw, in that they are very sensitive to the mesh normals, boundaries etc.

The .fgx file is drawing as if all its edges are soft. Thus it does not seem to be providing the correct edge/normal info. The default profile line does not work well when the geometry does not match well the shape defined by its normals (in this case it is like a poorly tessellated cylinder, not a box). Turning off “smooth profile” on the toon node will render the exact geometric profile, although you still won’t ge the internal crease line. To get this you should probably do “harden edge” (alternately on the toon node one could turn off hardCreasesOnly).

The .obj looks as if it might have a problem edge that is either hard or a border. You can turn on just profile/border/ or crease lines to see where the problem is.

I’m not up on the specific issues around using these different formats, however. Hopefully others can help you.



I have a working solution with the .ma file format. I’ll play around with the .obj format, and post the results soon. It may help others in the future. I’ve been checking out some good maya posts here from 2002 and back.



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