(not so) Primitive City


The (not so) Primitive City.
It is made up of a bunch of primitives from Zbrush that have been masked and extruded in various ways. The whole piece took me only one after noon. I composited in the sky using the Zdepth pass from Zbrush in Photoshop. This can also be accomplished within Zbrush by assigning your image to the fog, but I like the little extra control that Photoshop can give me.

A few close-ups:

Thanks for any feedback!


This is mind blowing, tasty and great illustration… I’d love to learn the technique behind it. I am not much of a modeller, but it looks like something fun to do, without messing with edge loops and technical stuff.

Is there any Gnomon DVD by you which shows the process? I am buying right now!

One little critique I might have is that due to ligthing nature in this picture the two towers on first plane are hard to tell which one is closer and which one is deeper, but it adds a little twist to the image :slight_smile:



That’s really great. I love the complexity in it. Why doesn’t your DVD show something like this? Will the next ones have images of this caliber on it? Great work.



wonderful cities

…by Meats


Hi Meats,

Since you’r not able to make a crappy picture lets skip the part where i say that it looks great & fabulous . Just one Z-brush related remark : Did you use the Multimarker or is it build piece
by piece…and did you use draw-perspective on the rendering ?



Sweet moma!
How many polys? and what kinda of machine do u use?


That’s ****in nuts.

I’m bummed, I sooo wanted to head up to Frisco from LA for the Pixologic convention thing to see you and a few other people speak… Couldn’t get anybody to go with me, it was pouring rain, and I hate not being able to sleep during the day… How’d it go?

Great ****ing images too, BTW.


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