Not CG!!! (gasp!) - Unplugged Art


So the power is out, you dropped your laptop in the tub, the dog ate your tablet pen.

What is your favorite traditional art medium?

Okay - I’ll start. I tend to favor acrylic. I like it’s durability and drying time to do glazes and layers of colors.

runner up: Super sculpey.

The next challenge: oil. I’ve screwed around enough with it in the past to make some really big messes but have a new project to see what I can do now.

Anybody else got some unplugged favorites?


Colored Pencils

It’s all good. :cool:


Honestly, how can you guys even live without pluggable devices. This makes no sense! Have you gone mad?!!

but, I’ve used acrylics, and other than that I’d use school assignments as a sketch pad accompanied with a traditional BIC ballpoint pen. Than I’d scan the lot and start over in the computer. :slight_smile:


Hmm…that’s a tough one.

I tend to like colored pencils the most, though I haven’t used them for a while.
I also really like oils and watercolors.
Actually, acrylics rate pretty low on my scale, they dry too fast.

But my most favorite medium in traditional art is most definitely and without a doubt, pencil and paper. I draw on that at night before I shut my light off to go to sleep.


Watercolors. My absolute favorite after CG.

But I also like colored pencils, my pen, acrylics and oils.


Lately I’ve been dabbling more and more with traditional, pencil-and-paper animation. The sad thing about that is now I’m trying to do it digitally…

Basically, I’m screwed if the power goes out :stuck_out_tongue:


For traditional medias, I tend to use pencil and colored pencil. I use to use oils, but gave it up a while back. I have to rather intelligent children under the age of three, and I’m trying to make sure that they can’t reach anything poisonous.

However, some untraditional, non-electronic media include food (I cook and every other year I make ginger bread houses), and sound (I'm the foley artist {sound effects engineer} for a local radio theater group {[](})  I could also mention I play the piano, but I play that so badly, it cannot really be called art.


The weird thing is, I really love regular, cheapo disposable pens. They’re nice and lightweight, have lots of size control, and have varying opacity. They’re really great for shading, and you don’t need to be crosshatching.



Oil paint.

More precisely, old holland oils (mostly) on a fine linen sized with rabbit skin glue and primed with titanium mixed with lead white.

Plus a whole load of brushes.

I think that peoples experience of painting with oils is marred by the fact that they don’t use good equipment or understand the basic principles. Once you have those, it is pretty cool stuff. I recently started painting again and it was lovely. Sure, there are things that are slower but there are also things that are faster too.


I was heavily into Water Colour but now I love oils.


EBONY Pencils, Pen and Ink , Prismacolor and I used to paint in acrylics.



I absolutely love oils! Lately though, I’ve been trying to get myself sketching more and more each day, so my pencil and sketchbook are most favoured right now. If I’m stumped, I switch to colour and it pushes my sketches along.

I should really think about painting in oils again. I love they way they work and it’s been so long sigh


Ink, Pencil, Oil with a knife and ‘body parts’ on paper, pastel and chalk, and paper tape. I hate to work with watercolor as it is too gentle for my taste, but I love good watercolor work. I will try Acrylic next week, healthier than oil.


oils are great,it just preserving em and washing out brushes with oil on em that annoys me.


I’m an old fan of charcoal and pencil, I like colours but they’re not as dramatic as the drastic contrast between pencil and white paper, it’s too emotional :cry:


My number 1 love will always be oils. It’s the hardest medium to master in art, that’s why it is also the most revered.


Fibers is one of my loves. And oh what a tangeled web weave me. Precious metal clay is really neat, too. Jewelry I’ve made with it looks cast but isn’t.

I’ve tried lapidary too. Now that’s a real grind. haha. I love cutting freeform stones, taking cues from the stone.

  1. graphite/kneaded eraser/cotton cloth/paper stubs - on very good quality medium grain paper
  2. oil painting - I gotta have a studio for this one
  3. gauche on inexpensive paper - but good sable brushes



Good old pencils and ink. Wanna create art? Pick up a biro! :smiley:


I thought watercolours are harder to master… because you only really get one go at making that mark to look right…and you have to worry about the paper going funny even after you stretch it and so on.

It’s hard to pick a fav but oils wins for colour and correcting a bad stroke. They blend so nicely too.