Nosferatu, Sebastian Schoellhammer (3D)


f*** me, this is awesome work. I can’t stop looking at it. You gave him a lot of personality, you can clearly see he brushes his teeth twice a day. :smiley:


awesome work i like the wetness in his eyes…
just visited your website, the side view is looking great also!


really nice work


His eyes shine of vitality! This is really strange for a vampire!:applause:
Great work!


Ohhh this is perfect. The Skintexturing is perfect. And the Eyes are nothing Dead , there is Life in the eyes and this is perfect.


Now THIS is a portrait! It’s got emotion and detail. Really impressive stuff.


Incredible! To get life in eyes is a massive task but you have nailed it big time!

You’ve portrayed him perfectly!

The teeth and inner mouth do look like someone has vandalized your renders which is why I’ve ignored it lol.

Checked out your site and portfolio…you sir are a huge talent :buttrock:




Very very nice



I think your interpretation is very expressiv, very near of movie!
And, also, for the black inside of the mouth, the teeth too white and clean, they accentuate the expression.
But, to the contrary, your character seems to me too pictural: more 2D picture than realised in 3d. And I think it a few too sweeten for this character…


great work!


A perfectly done Kinski portrait! His meaty lips are greatly captured. I can hardly believe that the material of the cape is correct, but nonetheless an exceptional piece, excellent indeed! :thumbsup:


Outstanding, I love it. Looks a bit like Herzog’s Nosferatu, my favorite.


finally you are have been travelling a long way as i see - the same goes for your art. a very strong piece. i love his expression. just his nose is a bit too sleek for my taste…


excellent work Sebastian, always loved this model.


superb …amazing :bounce:


You have greatly presented the melancholy of the character!


great stuff - I agree with Pascal about the teeth but that’s a minor point - sweet model


A very well deserved award! :smiley:


amazing expression and render . killer.