Nosferatu, Sebastian Schoellhammer (3D)


Title: Nosferatu
Name: Sebastian Schoellhammer
Country: Japan
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, ZBrush

I created the model for this image initially for the “classic movie monsters” contest over at Kolbies excellent SinisterCircle forum…
It is based on Klaus Kinski in Herzog Werners Nosferatu (a film, although long and slow I can very much recommend!) I tried to convey the melancholy of the character.

Long time passed and recently I finally got some time and motivation for doing some textures and rendering. I might do a bit of animation but I guess that’ll be later!

Sculpting was done in Zbrush, Texturing in mudbox and rendering with mental ray in Maya. I’ve used displacement maps on everything but the collar (reduced in zbrush).
There are 3 area lights from the front/bottom and 2 spots for back lighting.

Hope you like!


Incredible! The eyes are perfect.

My only complaint is the mouth. You can see that the inside of the mouth is blacker than any other of the blacks in the image, making it look slightly strange. Also, the outline of the teeth is very sharp overtop of that black, while the rest of the image is slightly blurred.


Great render!! Really looks like Kinsky! Amazing expression on the face! Very good lines and textures. Keep it up!


Great work, his eyes are very expressive! The only thing that catches my eye is the whiteness of the teeth, they could use some color break up and subsurface imho.

Well done:thumbsup:


Great Render!!
You shoud work more on the teeth shader, it looks a bit wierd.
But simply loved the model

awesome work


Thanks a lot!!
Mmh… yes. You people are right of course - the mouth is too dark! Let’s just pretend it’s a view straight into his very black soul (and say nothing about the fact that my monitors gamma is probably a bit off!) I will fix it when I do animation for him though, promise!


Hey mate! Great work you did! Really impressive! Congrats and look forward to seeing the update.




(I recognized Klaus Kinski immediately)


Very good , expression is great , and animation coming soon… :bounce:


This character reminds me the actor Marlon Brando from “Apocalypse now” movie.
Great work!!:slight_smile:


Superb!!! :buttrock:


Brilliant work Sebastian - it’s great to see him again! :smiley:


Great work, i love the eyes and the face :love:
can you show us some wire and light setup please ?


great work!
I really like it
@ivanisavich: I agree with the mouth
but maybe it is what sheb wanted


Wow, he looks great! I love the eyes.


Impressive … like his expression.
Kinski HAD a big mouth :wink:


nice work Seb! I love the look on his face. Very tormented. awesome as always.

will I see you again at Siggraph this year? there will be beers… :beer:

take care



x-lant work i like it the charcter or the face is very nice just the textures hes need more work ok

ceep on & goodluck


wow, amazing, very nice composite.


Serge: I see you know about vampires :smiley: Excellent stuff there :slight_smile:

Matthias: I wish I could come but I doubt they’ll send me this year :confused: Beers sound too tempting…

AJ: thanks!! how’s the jewelery going btw. heh. :wink:

And thanks to all the others. I’m posting a wire, the zbrush model and one shot of the lighting environment. Hope it helps!