Norwegian Male Reference


Hi there, as the title suggests, I am looking for reference images of a norwegian (or scandinavian if not specifically norwegian) male.

In more detail, I am really looking for head reference images, the body I can model myself.

My goal is to model and animate a norwegian train driver and I really am stuck for reference imagery. At the moment I am resigned to drawing basic pictures of what I need, which is not nearly detailed enough.

Anyone know a suitable candidate that I could persuade to pose for headshots for me please?

Thanks in advance!
Kieran (UK)



As an Norwegian myself I felt like I had to reply, because the first thing that came to my mind was a Norwegian childrens show about trains. It is a spinoff of sesam street and the muppet show, it is called sesam stasjon (sesam station), and has the most lovable character as the train conductor, named O. Tidemann.

You can check him out here Tidemann and more reference should be found on google with the search string: (sesam stasjon + O. Tidemann) or actors name: (Sverre Holm)

Hope it helps and can work as a reference for your work



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