Northern Light anyone



I’ve been trying to make some northern light in lightwave. I wanted to use a particle system and hv’s, but i just cant seem to get a good resault.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

Keep on truckin’


Maybe you could try a animated plane (endomorphs?) with a gradient for the colors. And try the suface mixer for animting the color.



I have spent a couple of years trying to produce a REALLY good aurora and have had some mild success. Better news is I have written a tut on how to do it. Bad news is I’m still build the new website. But I should have it up in a week or two. Trying to get several things all done at the same time.
As a quick overview sans texturing details. I created a very thin rectangle with hundreds to thousands of divisions verticely. I also have a couple of horizontal cuts to be used for weight mapping later. Then I use the magnet, jitter and other tools to create the general base wavy form. Next I create a few weight maps form the top to about 1/3 the way down and another from the bottom to about 1/3 up. Next a few morphs for animations if desired. Thats it for modeling. Then I jump into Layout and add some funky shading using the weight maps to smooth the bottom transparancies and vertical banding. Sorry you’ll have to wait for the tut for better details to much to get into for here. I add some Full Precision blur, alittle glow and then twaek, tweak, tweak. In the end though I’m still experimenting for the perfect effect.


sprite based volumetric light, sharp ripple texture, motion blur+a little color and blur tweaking in post:beer:

    I created an aurora effect a few years back, experimental stuff, forgot what I did with all the files haha:wip:


Hey nice to hear from you again ambassador its been awhile. I tried doing something simular to what you suggested once buit it never worked for me. Maybe I’ll try it again. Thanks fo the info!


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